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Client Reviews - Eisner Gorin LLP

Client Reviews

Our Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys continue to achieve successful results for our clients facing any type of misdemeanor and felony charges in state and federal courts. As former prosecutors, we have an in-depth understanding of the criminal justice system. We work aggressively for our clients, while understanding that every case is resolved based on its own unique facts and circumstances.


We love helping people getting thier lives back on track. In protecting our clients future, we are very persistent and never back down from a fight. See what our clients have to say about us. 


Read what our past clients have to say about us: 

Posted by: Kevin, Avvo

Best crimnal defense lawyer!!! I know that most of people are reading this review, are still searching and unstable to choose the right lawyer for the bad time in your life. So did I!! Mr. Gorin will believe in you and help you, like he did for me. His experience and professionalism on his associate and staffs are top notch. He never overstate my case and overpromise outcome. Mr. Gorin through all of his experience and professionalism just walked me out of case. The prosecutor didn’t even see my files!!!! I not only endorse and highly recommend Mr. Gorin and his criminal defense law firm.I'm grateful.


Posted by: Simon, Avvo

My life saver!! Mr.Gorin and Eisner Helped me put my life back on track. I can't say enough good things about Dmitry Gorin, Alan Eisner, Merly Chambers and his excellent staff. In my case Dmitry got a avery serious charge (Faced over $300,000 bail 1/3 million) dropped before going to court. CASE REJECTED! If you need help, just reach out to Dmitry. He's the one who can save your life!


Posted by: Juan S., Avvo

Mr. Gorin was able to get my case dropped! I had never in my life needed a criminal defense lawyer. I had no clue what to do next. I searched online and spoke to some of my friends. This is how I found the law firm of Eisner and Gorin. The two partners Alan Eisner and Dmitry Gorin both did a substantial amount of work on my case even before my first court date. I did not believe I should have been arrested in the first place. I was very scared on how this case would impact the rest of my life. Dmitry worked with the police and the DA to prove to them I was not guilty of the charges. When my court arraignment came, Dmitry called me and said I did not even have to appear in court because the case was dismissed! This was a difficult experience as I had to provide witness emails, background material, and letters of reference. However, I could not have asked for a better outcome on my case. Both Dmitry and Alan our great attorneys and I highly recommend them.


Posted by: David M., Avvo

Mr. Gorin is simply the best! Excellent, professional, confident, highly prepared. The best! I was in a very serious situation and quite frankly my entire future was at risk. We were referred to Eisner and Gorin by a family friend who is also an attorney. Mr. Gorin guided us through every proceeding with clarity and preparation, which unquestionably resulted in the best possible outcome of my case. Dmitry and his legal team are amazing and my wife and I can't thank them enough for saving my future. There were so many legal technical issues it made my head spin, but Dmitry was always on top of it, making sure I understood and he was truly in control during each and every hearing. I believe that if you ever find yourself in any criminal legal situation, do not hesitate to call the best! you're very future count on it. Thank you Dmitry!


Posted by: Kathy J., Yelp

Great criminal defense lawyer. There are not enough good things that I can say about Alan Eisner and team. For starters, Alan is a good guy, which I honestly don’t think you can say about every lawyer. He truly cares and is committed, and is a just a pleasure to work with. By the time the trial was over, I actually felt like I had made a friend and it hadn’t just been a business transaction. That said, of course the reason you hire a defense attorney is to defend you. And Alan did just that. Through a strange course of events, my best friend was facing some heavy allegations, and was up against none other than the federal government, who was doggedly not backing down. This really was a case of David and Goliath, and Alan heroically won the battle. He was completely versed in the case, he left no stone unturned, and he presented the defense case with a clarity and confidence that convinced the jury that the only way justice could be served was to dismiss the charges against my friend. Going through the trial was stressful for all of us, but Alan helped ease that by having the confidence and experience he did. He worked with us as partners. We always felt like we were in good hands. I really am truly amazed at, and entirely grateful for, how he fought, and won, this trial. The outcome was actually even better than anticipated. It’s because of lawyers like him that truth and justice prevail.


Posted by: Valerie, Avvo

A true Lifesaver. I cannot say enough good things about Meryl Chambers and her firm. From Narine, the office manager, to Dmitry Gorin, a managing partner, I was treated with utmost respect and the issues of my son's arrest were addressed as if we were their only client. I received their undivided attention during my (free) consultation, which took some considerable time, and I felt so confident with Meryl and their team that I hired her that day. Meryl was always available to answer my questions and concerns and was on top of my son's case as if he was her most important client. I never felt uninformed or unimportant thru the entire process. My son was very fortunate that his case did not go beyond arraignment, but if he had gone to trial I'm confident that Meryl and her team would have gotten him the best results possible. It's very scary having a loved one charged with a felony, but if you should find yourself needing a criminal attorney you cannot find better representation than Meryl Chambers.


Posted by: Sarah, Avvo

Exceptional criminal defense attorney. Simply put, the world would be a much better place, if more professionals approached their work with the intensity, thoroughness, and respect that Meryl does. I used to think that anyone who needed a defense attorney must have been guilty of something, until that “anyone” was me. My entire life turned upside-down when I learned that I was the subject of an investigation. I have never been through anything as convoluted, unfair, or downright scary. I selected Eisner-Gorin because of their outstanding credentials. Top-tier attorneys have a lot of clients and cases that they juggle. But from the very beginning, I never felt like I was just another case. That is true of my experience with the entire firm, but most especially with Meryl. She always took the time to make sure I was alright. She seemed to know that every day I was going to have new questions, and she never failed to make me feel like each of them was important to her. In each conversation with her, I felt more confident that she understood exactly how to approach my case, and that she had a plan to ensure success. I’m very thankful to have been represented by Eisner-Gorin, and even more thankful to have worked with Meryl. She made a very positive difference in my life.


Posted by: Chow Y., Yelp

When you've been falsely accused of a crime, it is an extremely unpleasant experience. When that might no only put you in jail, but could certainly turn you into a permanent victim of abuse at the hands of hardened criminals. Well, it's hard to sleep at night. I lost a ton of weight and could barely function for a few weeks. I had a situation develop with an unstable and seemingly vindictive individual who falsely accused me of a crime. I contacted a few attorney's before coming across Dmitry and his team. You will discover quickly that in our criminal justice system, not much evidence is needed for someone to file a complaint against you. Evidence even to the contrary doesn't play a large role in halting an investigation. Please understand, many criminal attorneys will make a large cash grab, 10K or more, before they will help you. They over promise and under deliver. Dmitry and Alan didn't go that route. They were polite, engaging, calming and realistic. Price was fair. And they moved very fast. And let's be honest, the prosecutors and more importantly, the LAPD know these guys are serious and tough. So if you're innocent, who better to have on your team. And if you're guilty, well...I would still want them. They were successful in my case with an intervention before any charges were filed. The Prosecutor never even heard my name. I'm still a little freaked out by the experience and can sympathize with all those put in jail under false pretenses. It's a scary world out there. So thank god for Dmitry and Alan.


Posted by: Igor Y., Yelp

Every now and then life throws you a curveball and you need to be in a position to handle a sticky, confusing and potentially life altering situation. When this happens, I'm really glad to know a few people who can help. Dmitry Gorin and Alan Eisner are some of those people. I completely trust them and had recently persuaded a relative-in-trouble to leave his attorney and move his case to Eisner & Gorin. Once again, it was a good move. The outcome of the case was better than expected, the case was handled professionally, the cost was reasonable. Most importantly, we felt that Dmitry and Alan actually care about us and are doing everything they can to help. Thank you very much!


Posted by Raj B., Yelp

Dmitry Gorin is not just "one of the best lawyers in LA", but THE BEST lawyer in LA! I have young adult kids who, let's face it, can make bad choices at times or just be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Does that mean they should be punished with a criminal record and a tainted future for the rest of their lives? If your answer is no, then this is the firm to turn to for yourself or any of your loved ones. Our case was very complicated with my daughter's future at stake. She was a straight A student who was looking at a harsh sentence. Dmitry's  knowledge of the courts and judges is very extensive, ranging from cases like mine all the way to major cases that have received press coverage. As soon as you enter the courtroom with him, you notice the high level of respect that the judge holds for him. Dmitry was able to get all charges dropped for my daughter. He was able to prove without even going to trial how it was a  set up by a vindictive person along with the lies in the police reports. This man is an absolute genius but furthermore he is very compassionate and actually cares about his clients. Don't let his reputation scare you into thinking he might be more costly. His prices are very reasonable. I highly recommend Dmitry Gorin and his firm to anyone in need of a great Criminal Defense Attorney.


Posted by: T.J., Avvo

After being accused of a terrible crime I was extremely frightened and unsure of what steps to take in order to protect myself. My freedoms, career and standing in the community were all at risk and I really was lost on which direction to turn. Dmitry and he team were a godsend in the way they were able to address my concerns and navigate me through the unfamiliar waters of the criminal court system. I am so thankful for meeting Dmitry and his team, and I am pleased to say that my future is secure thanks to all of them.


Posted by: J.S., Avvo

During one of the scariest times of my life I found myself having to deal with criminal charges and hired Eisner & Gorin LLP to defend me. After talking with Dmitry Gorin and his team of professional's, I felt confident that I hired the right team to represent me. Dmitry and his staff were excellent with communicating and answering any questions that my wife or I had. His court performance is flawless!! I highly recommend Eisner & Gorin for any type of legal representation.


Posted by: P.M., Avvo

I was convicted by a jury for kidnapping and criminal threats and was facing 9 years in prison. After the conviction, I retained Mr. Gorin's law firm for the sentencing phase of my trial. He raised numerous objections to the law and factual errors in the trial, and argued aggressively on my behalf. After an exhausting 3 months, the judge gave me probation and time served with NO prison time! Mr. Gorin was outstanding and his knowledge of the law was impressive. I really liked how he always kept me updated on the status of my case. I highly recommend Mr. Gorin and his legal staff. Thank you!