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The Pasadena Courthouse covers all criminal cases filed in their jurisdiction, which covers a wide radius around the courthouse. They handle arrests made by the Pasadena Police Department, California Highway Patrol (CHP), the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, Monrovia Police Department, Burbank Police Department, Glendale Police Department, and the Sierra Madre Police Department.

The criminal defense law firm of Eisner Gorin LLP has experience defending clients against all types of misdemeanor and felony crimes prosecuted in Pasadena, California.

The Burbank courthouse sends felony offenses beyond the preliminary hearing to the Pasadena Superior Courthouse. This means this court is jam-packed with more serious crimes in their area, dealing harshly with violent crimes, DUI, sex crimes, theft crimes, domestic violence, and weapons charges.

Suppose you have a criminal case in the Pasadena courthouse. In that case, you'll need to consult with our law firm so we can look over the specific details to start building an effective strategy to get the best possible outcome on your case. Prosecutors have vast resources and funding and will aggressively seek a conviction.

You will need an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side who can negotiate the best possible resolution. Common criminal cases we handle include the following.

Driving Under the Influence

California Vehicle Code 23152 VC defines a DUI as operating a motor vehicle with a blood-alcohol content (BAC) of .08% or higher or while intoxicated and impaired by any chemical substance (drug), which can be an unlawful narcotic, prescription drug, or an over-the-counter drug.

Vehicle Code 23152(d) sets a BAC limit of .04% for commercial drivers and .01%, called "zero tolerance, for drivers under the legal drinking age of 21.

Notably, the DMV hearing is entirely distinct from a DUI criminal hearing in court. Suppose you win your DMV hearing. In that case, you could still be prosecuted on the DUI charge.

Suppose you lose your DMV hearing. In that case, your driver's license will be suspended for at least six months, but you can still fight the DUI case in court.  You could also accept a plea deal at the DMV hearing to access a restricted license, which allows you to drive to and from work. Most DUIs in California are charged as misdemeanors, but some aggravating factors could result in a felony DUI.

Perhaps we can argue that the police violated protocols or your rights. For example, maybe the arresting officers violated California Title 17 when collecting and storing blood and breath samples.

Suppose the police gathered evidence against you by an illegal search and seizure or stopped or arrested you without probable cause. In that case, we could file a motion in court to have that evidence declared inadmissible, which will usually result in a case dismissal. 

Hit and Run

A hit-and-run accident is when a driver knowingly leaves the scene of an accident they were involved in without stopping to assist injured parties or to give the other driver their contact information.

California Vehicle Code 20001 VC defines felony hit-and-runs where an injury occurred. Vehicle Code VC 20002 VC defines a misdemeanor hit-and-run with only property damage.

A felony hit-and-run is punishable by up to 4 years in state prison and a fine of up to $10,000. A misdemeanor is punishable by six months in jail and a fine of up to $1,000.

Some common defenses for hit-and-run include that you did not realize that an accident occurred and there were no injuries or property damage other than your vehicle. 

California Vehicle Code 23103 VC defines the related crime of reckless driving, which is driving a vehicle with willful and extreme disregard for the safety of others. Often, this involves speeding, running red lights, and weaving between lanes. A conviction for reckless driving carries up to 90 days in jail, a $1,000 fine, and 2 points on your driving record, which could increase car insurance costs. 

White Collar Crimes

Our criminal defense law firm also handles cases related to fraud and white-collar crimes, such as the following:

  • Penal Code 115 PC – Filing False or Forged Document
  • Penal Code 154 PC -  Fraudulent Conveyance
  • Penal Code 424 PC - Misappropriation of Public Funds
  • Penal Code 476(a) PC - Passing Bad Checks
  • Penal Code 484(e) PC - Credit Card Fraud
  • Penal Code 532f PC - Mortgage Fraud
  • Penal Code 548-551 PC - Auto Insurance Fraud
  • Penal Code 550(a) PC - Health Care Fraud
  • Welfare and Institutions Code 10980 - Welfare Fraud
  • Insurance Code 1871.4 - Workers' Compensation Fraud
  • Penal Code Section 503 PC – Embezzlement
  • Penal Code Section 520 PC – Extortion

Theft Crimes

We have also defended many people who were charged with a theft-related offenses, such as the following:

  • Penal Code 496 PC - Receiving Stolen Property
  • Penal Code 459 PC – Burglary
  • Penal Code 215 PC – Carjacking
  • Penal Code 211 PC - Robbery 

Penal Code 487 PC grand theft is the wrongful taking of property from someone when the property's value is more than $950. Penal Code 484 and 488 PC petty theft applies when the property stolen is valued at less than $950. 

When someone enters a building intending to steal items located inside, it is considered a Penal Code 459 PC burglary. If an "inhabited dwelling" is entered, the punishments are more severe as it's regarded as a first-degree burglary. Penal Code 459.5 PC defines shoplifting as entering a business open to stealing merchandise.

Drug Crimes

Our drug crime defense lawyers handle all misdemeanor and felony drug cases. As former prosecutors, we understand how the police and prosecutors will attempt to build their case against you.

We handle cases of drug possession, drug sales, drug trafficking and transportation, and prescription drug crimes, including forging or altering a prescription for narcotics.

Possession of a controlled substance is defined under California Health and Safety Code 11350 HS. It's described as knowingly possessing an illegal narcotic or illegally possessing a prescription drug. In addition, health and Safety Code 11351 HS defines having a drug intending to sell it.

Perhaps we can negotiate a drug diversion program to avoid a conviction. Maybe we can argue that there was a lack of knowledge of the controlled substance's presence or its nature or an absence of sufficient quantity of the drug to make it "usable."

If you have been accused of any type of state or federal drug offense, you can contact our law firm to learn how we can aggressively fight your charges.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is the willful intimidation, battery, sexual assault, physical assault, or other abusive behavior of one intimate partner against another. Domestic violence incidents are a common call received by the Pasadena Police Department. Our domestic violence lawyers handle all types of cases, including the following:

  • Penal Code 243(e)(1) PC - Domestic Battery,
  • Penal Code 273.5 PC - Corporal Injury to a Spouse,
  • Penal Code 136.1 PC - Witness Intimidation, and
  • Penal Code 273.6 PC - Violating a Restraining Order.

Prosecutors are aggressive in how they handle domestic violence incidents. In most cases, if Pasadena police receive a domestic violence call, someone will be arrested. The prosecutor's office will still pursue charges even if the alleged victim wants to drop the charges.  

A favorable outcome on your case will often depend on early intervention by our experienced criminal lawyers. Sometimes, we may avoid formally filing criminal charges through pre-filing intervention.

Sex Crimes

The Pasadena Police Department aggressively targets all types of sexual-related crimes. Some of the most common offenses include child molestation, child pornography, lewd acts with a minor, rape, statutory rape, sexual battery, and prostitution.

Depending on the specific charge, you could face a misdemeanor or felony offense. A conviction typically carries severe legal penalties, including lifetime registration as a sex offender.

When defending any sex crime charge, it's essential to have a defense strategy that fits the case scenario. Our expert sex crime defense lawyers have vast experience defending any state or federal sex crime. We understand how the prosecutor will build their case to obtain a conviction. Sometimes, we can negotiate with the prosecutor for a favorable outcome or even a case dismissal.

In other cases, where guilt is not in doubt, we can help you decide whether to accept a plea bargain. Therefore, if you face sex crime allegations, you must consult with our criminal defense lawyers early in your case.

Legal Defenses

Potential legal defenses on your case will always depend on particular facts related to your case. The list of defenses is countless and often comes down to common sense. Sometimes, it comes down to your word against an alleged victim.

In other cases, our criminal attorneys may be able to use an argument of self-defense, defense of others, or defense of property. But, again, the same reason will not apply to all crimes.

A different strategy is typically required for most crimes, as every case has its facts and circumstances. To make a critical decision on a plan, you need to consult with our defense lawyers to review your case's fine details. We have decades of experience and understand the best course of action and how to obtain the best possible outcome.

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If you are under investigation or already charged with any crime, please consult our highly experienced law firm to review all the details and make a plan to defend yourself. We will aggressively pursue the best outcome possible for your criminal case.

We understand all aspects of criminal law and the justice system. We are California State Bar Specialists in Criminal Law and have successfully represented many clients in California's state and federal courts. Contact us at 877-781-1570.

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