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Successful Case Results

The COVID Pandemic laws have delayed an accused's right to a speedy trial and materially affected the court process. In response our firm has won the release of several clients from custody following felony charges, and is working on the release of a convicted prisoner in federal court.

  • Sex offense dropped

    Sex offense charges were dropped at the preliminary hearing for the client after the presentation of defense evidence and cross-examination. Van Nuys Courthouse Read On

  • Informal prosecutorial program

    An ivy-league student facing fake ID and a minor in possession allegations, following criminal citation, obtains an informal prosecutorial program. No formal charges were filed incourt. Read On

  • Felony domestic violence dismissed

    A social media personality facing a domestic violence felony arrest has the case dismissed without charges in court after the presentation of defense evidence. Long Beach Superior Court. Read On

  • Domestic violence charges dropped

    Domestic violence charges dropped against an attorney following a year-long investigation. The alleged victim was a peace officer. The firm's timely intervention was critical. Santa Clarita Superior Court. Read On

  • Judicial diversion

    Judicial diversion following reduction of case to a misdemeanor following a felony car theft arrest. Our client will have a complete dismissal after completing community service. Inglewood Superior Court Read On

  • Embezzlement case resolved

    An embezzlement case was resolved without formal charges in court after the presentation of defense evidence. Glendale Court. Read On

  • No charges in sex offense investigation

    Sex offense investigation against a professor closed without formal charges after firm intervention and presentation of defense evidence. LAX Court Read On

  • Sex offenses handled informally

    Sex offenses are handled informally through an office hearing, without the filing of charges in court, for a music producer. Van Nuys Court. Read On

  • Felonies reduced to one misdemeanor

    Numerous felony fraud charges against a police officer were reduced to one misdemeanor, ultimately expunged. Los Angeles Downtown Courthouse Read On

  • Child abuse charges dropped

    Child abuse charges dropped after informal DA Diversion and completion of treatment classes. San Fernando Court. Read On

  • Weapons and drug case dismissed

    A case involving illegal possession of weapons and drugs results in full dismissal due to a violation of the client's rights. Los Angeles Downtown Courthouse Read On

  • Informal DA diversion

    A felony domestic violence charge pending at the preliminary hearing results in informal DA diversion, leading to dismissal after completion of treatment classes. LAX Courthouse Read On

  • Mental health diversion

    Mental health diversion resulted in a dismissal for a doctor facing misdemeanor sex crime allegations and 290 registration. Orange County Superior Court. Read On

  • Murder charged dropped

    A murder charge was dropped at the preliminary hearing following the presentation of defense witnesses and a mental health expert regarding the client's PTSD. LAX Courthouse Read On

  • Large white-collar crime

    Large white-collar crime, with alleged 100+ million loss, pending in multiple federal jurisdictions. The firm secures the release of the main defendant in the indictment after months of litigation.  New Jersey-Oklahoma-California District Courts. Read On

  • Marijuana dispensary charges dropped

    A marijuana dispensary owner has all charges dropped. Downtown Courthouse. Read On

  • Pornography case reduced

    Unlawful Pornography Case. Reduced to a misdemeanor. Client avoids Penal Code 290 Registration and receives probation. Downtown Courthouse. Read On

  • Drug trafficking to be dismissed

    Drug trafficking case to be dismissed after program completion, all charges to be dropped. Glendale Court. Read On

  • Sex offense no jail time

    Sex offense case with multiple accusers, client was facing a life sentence. Case resolved probation with no jail time. Burbank Courthouse Read On

  • White Collar Case informal diversion

     Large White Collar Case results in informal diversion; felony conspiracy charges to be dismissed for medical professional. Los Angeles Downtown Court. Read On

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