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The COVID Pandemic laws have delayed an accused's right to a speedy trial and materially affected the court process. In response our firm has won the release of several clients from custody following felony charges, and is working on the release of a convicted prisoner in federal court.

  • Sexual Assault Case Closed

    Our client, a legal professional, facing sexual assault allegations by a former date. The accusation was made after some time, and there was no corroboration. Our firm worked with the district attorneys to raise reasonable doubt. Case closed with no formal charges. Orange County Superior Court, P... Read On

  • Sexual Touching Case Rejected

    Our client doctor stood accused of unlawful sexual touching of a patient by LAPD. While a civil lawsuit was pending, our firm secured the rejection of the criminal prosecution through our defense intervention and investigation process. Penal Code Section 243(c), Los Angeles Superior Court LAX Read On

  • Child Abuse Case Rejected

    A school teacher accused and arrested for child abuse. After our firm's defense intervention and investigation, the case was rejected for prosecution. Penal Code Section 273(a), San Fernando Courthouse. Read On

  • Felony Sexual Assault Avoided

    A prominent recording artist was accused of sexual assault by an industry colleague with whom he had collaborated. Through private investigation, we established that the alleged victim's version of events was implausible and unsubstantiated. Through consistent contact with investigators and the p... Read On

  • Domestic Violence Case Rejected

    Client was arrested for domestic violence following an incident in a busy commercial district. Client was engaged in a verbal altercation with his on-again/off-again girlfriend when one of her other male friends beat the client, resulting in substantial injuries. Immediate intervention in the inv... Read On

  • Child Abuse Case Dropped

    Basketball executive accused of child abuse, faced the prospect of ending his career. Case dropped with no criminal charges after our firm's immediate intervention in the matter. The client was also facing the possibility of felony charges, and losing full child custody in divorce. Case closed wi... Read On

  • Sexual Assault Case Rejected

    Client was accused of sexual assault by a co-worker after a bad breakup and given the option to resign or be fired from his government employment.  A criminal investigation followed.  Through prefiling intervention focusing on the lack of corroboration and the implausibility of the claim based on... Read On

  • Drunk in Public Charges Dropped

    An international businessperson was cited at LAX airport for allegedly being drunk in public. Despite evidence of intoxication, prefiling intervention resulted in successfully having all charges dropped based on client's proactive efforts at alcohol education combined with his strong background. ... Read On

  • Own Recognizance Release

    Client was charged with felony vandalism including thousands of dollars in property damage in Malibu. Based on COVID-19, our law firm obtained an own recognizance of release for the defendant. He was released into a mental health facility consistent with his prior treatment history. The goal will... Read On

  • Own Recognizance Release

    Client is charged as part of a conspiracy involving illegal gambling in "casitas," party homes in East Los Angeles with endemic drug and prostitution issues. He was previously being held on over $1,000,000 bail. As a result of the virus pandemic, the defense team secured an own-recognizance relea... Read On

  • Compassionate Release

    Client is a convicted federal inmate serving a lengthy sentence. As a result of COVID-19, the defense has filed a motion for compassionate release with updated information on the Bureau of Prison's inadequate response to the virus and the particular danger posed to the client, who has serious und... Read On

  • Mental Health Release

    Client was accused of multiple acts of vandalism in a place of worship, and was facing over $1,000,000 bail. Our law firm secured his released after presentation of mental health evidence to the district attorney, and other reports showing extensive prior delusional conduct. Client was ordered re... Read On

  • Case Rejected for Prosecution

    While visiting from South Carolina, client was arrested for felony domestic violence against his girlfriend during the COVID lockdown. After our firm's pre-court intervention, the investigation was closed and case rejected for prosecution. We successfully argued the case has reasonable doubt that... Read On

  • Case Dropped

    Fight over parking space in Burbank led to client being accused of felony assault with his car. After defense presentation of evidence to the local police department and prosecutor, the case was rejected for prosecution. Read On

  • Investigation Closed

    Deadly shooting inside apartment complex following an attempted robbery of marijuana from clients, led to them being investigated for homicide. Case closed after evidence of self-defense presented. Read On

  • Felony Reduced

    A businessman was arrested for bringing a gun to the airport. He forgot it was in his luggage. After completing community service, he was sentenced to a misdemeanor and will be eligible to have it expunged off his record in 2 years. Read On

  • Case Dropped

    Accuser/former neighbor filed a police report claiming unlawful sexual touching following a dispute with client's family. After presentation of defense evidence to the detective, the case was rejected for prosecution. Read On

  • Case Dropped

    Client was accused of having an unlawful sexual relationship in a church group. Due to reasonable doubt after the defense presentation of evidence, the case was closed without formal charges in court. Read On

  • Case Dropped

    Defense evidence demonstrated that the client was a victim of domestic violence. Even though she called the police and reported the incident, the police arrested her instead of the boyfriend. Case resolved with no criminal charges and informal City Attorney hearing. Read On

  • Investigation Closed

    Elderly client accused of sexual assault of a minor by a family member. After pre-filing intervention, and presentation of defense evidence, the prosecutor did not file formal criminal charges. Read On

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