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Eisner Gorin LLP Law Firm Overview

Our law firm is AV-Rated and has been nationally recognized as a premier Los Angeles criminal defense law firm for state, juvenile, and federal defense. 

The law firm's criminal defense lawyers have more than 60 years combined experience in defending cases throughout Los Angeles County and Southern California on a variety of criminal issues, with a long history of successful case results.

Our law firm partners have previously worked in the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office, which gives them a unique understanding of how the DA will attempt to build and prosecute a criminal case.

In addition, our experience has taught us how police detectives will conduct their criminal investigations, giving them useful knowledge to help develop an effective defense strategy for their clients.

If you were arrested for criminal offense in Los Angeles County, the pretrial process will proceed when you enter a not guilty plea.

The pretrial is a court appearance that allows for motions such as to suppress evidence under California Penal Code Section 1538.5 or a motion to set aside the complaint under California Penal Code Section 995. Anyone who has been charged with a minor crime or non-violent misdemeanor are frequently granted an own recognizance release.

We are dedicated to protecting our client's legal rights and obtaining the best possible outcome for every case we defend.

Early intervention into your case by an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney at our law firm is absolutely critical as it can make the difference between jail time and freedom. See related blog: Don't speak to police without a lawyer.

We also provide victim representation in criminal court in domestic violence, sex offenses, and other serious injury cases.

Pre-Filing Intervention

A successful prefiling intervention by our Los Angeles criminal defense law firm may result in criminal charges stemming from an arrest to be dropped and dismissed before an arraignment, the first day in court.

Regularly, our clients arrested for felony conduct have their case reduced or dropped. In one karaoke bar alleged assault, the client posted $300,000 bail after arrest and had all charges dismissed after our firm's intervention.

Similarly a young man accused of sexual assault was exonerated after on campus video surfaced showing a consensual relationship. And a film producer arrested for felony domestic violence was similarly exonerated once the claimant's background was closely investigated.

In each instance, early and aggressive advocacy by our California criminal defense lawyers with law enforcement and prosecuting agencies, along with a thorough defense investigation, was essential before the arraignment.

Our clients ended up with no criminal charges on their record, per Penal Code Section 849.5 (arrest is reported as a detention only) and did not have to report the incidents to Medical Board and/or the State Bar. 

Why does this happen? Many times the police do not include all witnesses or physical evidence in their reports.

Other times, the client' background is forgotten. Aggressive pre-filing intervention by our criminal attorneys with the prosecution may cause the government to see the case is weak and should see the light of court. 

Remember, an arrest is made on probable cause, whereas proof beyond a reasonable doubt is required in court. The goal with early and aggressive defense intervention is to establish a holistic picture about the case from the defense perspective raising doubt about the strength of the evidence.

Top-Rated Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorneys with Extensive Experience

Our skilled criminal defense attorneys have extensive experience defending individuals facing any type of misdemeanor or felony criminal offense.

Ranging from serious violent crimes, murder, theft crimes, sex crimes, drug offenses, child pornography possession, internet and cyber crimes, DUI, hit and run, juvenile offenses, domestic violence, federal offenses, white collar crimes, fraud offenses, three strike cases, probation and parole violations, warrants, asset forfeiture, among others. 

The firm intervenes in criminal investigations before formal charges are filed, often causing the accusations to be dropped or reduced before reaching a courtroom. In trial, the firm's success rate is over 98%. Our law firm's partners have handled over 200 jury trials. We also handle litigation after a jury conviction, seeking to overturn to verdicts in the trial court or on appeal.

State-Bar Certified Specialist in Criminal Defense Law

California State-Bar Certified Specialist in Criminal Law
Our law firm partners are both State-Bar Certified Specialist in Criminal Law

Alan Eisner, who has been practicing criminal law exclusively since 1987, is State-Bar Certified Specialist in Criminal Law. Why does the California State Bar certify legal specialist?

To help the public identify lawyers who have demonstrated proficiency in a specialized field of law and to encourage the maintenance and improvement of attorney competence in their specialized field.

What exactly does it mean when an attorney is a Certified Specialist in California? A Certified Specialist is much more than just a lawyer who specializes in a particular area of law.

Any California attorney who is certified by the State Bar as a Criminal Law specialist, must have:

  • (1) successfully passed a written examination in the field of criminal law;
  • (2) has demonstrated a very high level of experience in the field of criminal law;
  • (3) has fulfilled continued education requirements;
  • (4) has been favorably evaluated by his peers and judges who are familiar with the quality of his work. 

Alan also has extensive experience in federal criminal defense. His federal expertise has been recognized for many years, as a result of which he has been appointed to the Federal Bar Panel in the United States District Court.

Former Los Angeles District Attorney & UCLA and Pepperdine Law Professor

Dmitry Gorin is Former Senior Deputy District Attorney, and has worked in the criminal justice system since 1993. He serves as an Adjunct Law Professor at UCLA and Pepperdine University School of Law. He has also has been published numerous times and regularly lectures in the area of trial communications, constitutional rights, sentencing, and grand jury investigations. 

Mr. Gorin specializes in the defense of complex criminal matters in state and federal courts nationwide and has litigated around 100 jury trials. He has been selected to Super Lawyers from 2011 - 2017 and listed in "Best Lawyer" since 2016.

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Criminal Courts We Serve

Riverside County

  • Riverside Hall of Justice - 4100 Main Street, Riverside, CA. 92501
  • Banning Justice Center - 311 E. Ramsey Street, Banning, CA. 92220
  • Blythe Courthouse - 265 N. Broadway, Blythe, CA. 92225
  • Larson Justice Center - 46-200 Oasis Street, Indio, CA. 92201
  • Southwest Justice Center - 30755-D Auld Road, Murrieta, CA. 92563

Ventura County

  • Ventura Hall of Justice - 800 South Victoria Ave., Ventura CA 93009
  • Ventura East County Courthouse - 3855-F Alamo Street, Simi Valley, CA 93063
  • Ventura Juvenile Court - 4353 E. Vineyard Ave., Oxnard, CA 93036

Areas We Serve

Our Los Angeles criminal defense law firm defends individuals in state and federal court and has successfully defended our client's in all types of criminal offenses. Over our decades of experience, we have developed effective defense strategies that have produced a track record of success. Our criminal defense attorneys represent clients in all Southern California courtrooms, including Los Angeles County, Agoura, Alhambra, Beverly Hills, Calabasas, Chatsworth, Downey, Encino, Hollywood, Malibu, Manhattan Beach, Newhall, Pasadena, Sherman Oaks, Santa Monica, Sylmar, Torrance, Valencia, West Hollywood, San Fernando, Burbank, Torrance, Glendale, Van Nuys, Santa Clarita, Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino, Venture County. We are dedicated to or clients individual legal rights and committed to obtaining the best possible outcome.

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Our lawyers are available to defend people throughout Southern California. If you would like to discuss your legal needs with an attorney at our law firm, please contact us for a free immediate response.

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