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At Eisner Gorin LLP, our criminal defense law firm specializes in defending any type of criminal matter throughout the Los Angeles County Court System. Our law firm has attained the highest rating for legal ability, professional and ethical standards, based on peer reviews from other lawyers and judges.

Eisner Gorin LLP

When you come to our office, you will only meet and be represented by a law firm partner. Your case is important to us and we will take all the time necessary to thoroughly review the details in order to start developing an effective defense strategy.

Our Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers are former LA County prosecutors and clearly understand how they will attempt to build their case against you. Due to our experience, our attorneys are able to aggressively defend our clients even before the first court date. Early intervention into you case by our law firm can lead to your case being rejected, filed as misdemeanor instead of felony crime, or set for an informal office hearing. 

If you are under criminal investigation or have already been arrested, please contact us immediately. Our skilled Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers would like the opportunity to talk to you about the situation. With offices in Century City and Encino, our law firm handles cases in all California criminal courtrooms.

All retained consultations are strictly confidential. No case is too small, nor too large, for our boutique criminal defense practice.

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