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Aggressive Criminal Defense in State & Federal Court

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Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer

Eisner Gorin LLP is a nationally recognized criminal defense law practice devoted to contesting serious felony and misdemeanor accusations in state, federal, and juvenile courtrooms. Both firm partners, Alan Eisner and Dmitry Gorin, are State-Bar Certified Criminal Law Specialists, a distinction given to less than 1% of attorneys in the state. No case is too large, nor too small - they defend one client at a time, as a team. Our attorneys make every effort to understand the ins and outs of your case, all of the available defenses, and all of the weaknesses in the prosecution's case. The entire team at our criminal law firm work together on their cases to ensure that you are getting the best representation out there.  


The defense firm has obtained the highest ratings and national recognition for courtroom results, legal ethics, and professional reputation. Many of the firm's clients are referred by lawyers, or other legal professionals working in the criminal courts. The firm's national distinctions obtained annually include: Super-Lawyers (2010-Present), AVVO Superb Lawyers (2010-Present), U.S. Best Lawyers. Many of the firm's clients are business owners, lawyers, medical professionals, their families, and other individuals needing the best legal representation in Southern California courtrooms. Criminal defense lawyer Dmitry Gorin has been selected to Best U.S. Lawyers 2017. He is a State-Bar Certified Criminal Law Specialist and a former Senior Deputy District Attorney in Los Angeles County. Corporate Counsel magazine has called Best Lawyers “the most respected referral list of attorneys in practice” based on its exhaustive peer-review survey in which leading attorneys assess the abilities of other lawyers in their practice areas.


Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorneys With a Track Record Of Success

Founding partners Alan Eisner and Dmitry Gorin have a long history of zealous advocacy for their clients.  Alan Eisner, with over 25 years trial experience, tenaciously defends criminal cases in both State and Federal courts.  Dmitry Gorin is nationally-recognized for his trial skills and legal acumen. As a Former Senior District Attorney in the special victims units (sex offense, domestic violence, white-collar crime and gang cases), and a law professor at Pepperdine, Dmitry specializes in defending serious criminal matters. He has been sought out by the LA Times, Court TV, BBC, and other international media organizations for legal commentary on high-profile cases. Alan and Dmitry work together on major misdemeanor and felony cases trials, bringing approximately 50 years of trial experience and legal acumen in front of juries throughout local Southern California Courtrooms.


The firm's associate attorney is Meryl Chambers. Practicing exclusively criminal defense, she aggressively advocates for her clients in court. Meryl has obtained hundreds of successful outcomes for criminal offenses including drunk driving, domestic violence, hit and run, sexual battery, indecent exposure, and other serious allegations facing the firm's clients. Meryl is an integral part of the Eisner Gorin legal team, and brings a strong spirit of advocacy, justice, and tenacity. Her client reviews on Avvo demonstrate her ability and dedication to achieving tremendous results.


Pre-Filing Intervention By Criminal Defense Experts

Consulting with our criminal defense attorneys during a criminal investigation or immediately after an arrest will help you better understand the potential criminal charges and possible legal options available to avoid serious legal consequences. In many cases where we became involved early in the legal process, our law firm was able to negotiate with the prosecutor and avoided the formal filing of charges. Our criminal lawyers understand how our criminal justice system works in Los Angeles courts. The initial contact you had with the arresting police officer could have a huge impact on your legal defense and influence how we will build a strategy to defend you. For example, if you were arrested for DUI, it may be possible the traffic stop was illegal. Our law firm will review your case and possibly discover evidence that actually benefits your case. We may find information that makes it clear the police did not follow proper procedure and violated your legal rights. At our law firm, your first consultation will be used to analyze your situation, arrest and explore potential legal defenses our criminal lawyers may use to build a solid defense. We have achieved a record of success and capable of having charges dismissed before they are actually filed by the prosecutor. 


The criminal defense lawyers at Eisner Gorin LLP strategizes on each client's case to ensure that you are getting the best and most thorough legal representation. The firm has a team of investigators and experts who are ready to scrutinize different aspects of your case, obtain witness statements and physical evidence, even before criminal charges are filed. Early intervention is important - so exculpatory evidence is not missed by the police and courts! The firm's Pre-Filing Intervention practice has caused numerous cases (involving charges of violence, sex offenses, hit and run, white-collar crimes) to be dismissed before court even when arrest has been made.


The basis for an arrest is probable cause, while a court conviction requires proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Our lawyers' goal is to demonstrate to the prosecutor's office after an arrest, that the case has proof problems, due to lack of credible witnesses, insufficient crime scene investigation and numerous other bases. In this manner, Eisner Gorin works tirelessly on causing the charges to be dropped before court! It is very important to have a criminal defense lawyer defend case even before the arraignment date set in court. Some of the most effective work done by the firm occurs before criminal charges have even been filed.  If you are aware that you are the subject of an investigation, please contact us immediately and we will let you know what we can do to help.



Extensive Experience and An Aggressive Criminal Defense Approach In All Los Angeles Courtrooms

Our criminal defense law partners have over 50 years of combined courtroom experience. Martindale-Hubbell has recognized us as a "Preeminent Law Firm," designating us to be a Top 5% United States Law Firm. We understand how police and prosecutors will attempt to build a criminal case. Some defense lawyers choose to take a wait-and-see approach before investigating and working on a criminal case.


We believe time is critical for defense work and understand that the first few days after an arrest are the most important to a police investigation. Facing criminal charges is stressful and overwhelming as the court process can be complicated. Many defendants simply wait too long to consult with a criminal lawyer who could help them remain free while their case proceeds through the court.


Avoiding A Felony Criminal Conviction 

A convicted felon in our society carries stigma for the rest of their life, with dim job prospects, inability to obtain professional licensing (i.e. MD, JD, or CPA), and a general perception that the person is somehow not worthy of being in mainstream society. California does provide for an expungement process under Penal Code Section 1203.4, allowing a convicted defendant to withdraw his or her plea, and have the case dismissed after a conviction. However, even when this process is done successfully, the defendant still must report a prior felony conviction to a licensing board or in applying for a government job. The best way to deal with a wobbler felony offense in criminal court, i.e. a case that can be prosecuted as either a felony or a misdemeanor, is to have the felony reduced to a misdemeanor before a conviction occurs.


At Eisner Gorin LLP, our criminal defense lawyers have been successful in reducing a felony to a misdemeanor before conviction in criminal court in cases of Domestic Violence, DUI, Theft, Assault, Counterfeiting, and others. Many of these case did not involve physical injury, and/or full restitution had been made to the victim. Our attorneys regularly file Penal Code 17(b) motions with the court to identify specific reasons for the court to justify a reduction, when the prosecutor is objecting to the reduction: 1) Lack of Prior Record 2) Efforts at Pretrial Rehabilitation 3) Future Prospects in School and Work 4) Family Dynamics 5) Character and Reputation in the Community.


A recent specific example involved an incident between college students, where the alleged victim sustained a broken nose. The judge reduced the offense to a misdemeanor and the case was ultimately dismissed by the prosecution. Importantly the client ended up with a clean record, can now apply to graduate school, and proceed with professional licensing without worry about a criminal conviction. In sum, a criminal defense specialist should do everything possible to prevent a felony conviction, even though the expungement process may be available.


Type of Cases Our Criminal Defense Lawyers Handle

At Eisner Gorin LLP, out DUI lawyers specialize in the aggressive defense of DUI charges resulting from drunk driving arrests throughout Los Angeles, including the San Fernando Valley. We are available 24/7 to provide immediate assistance and have two office locations in Los Angeles County.


DUI Attorney in Los Angeles

Driving under the influence is the criminal offense of operating a motor vehicle while impared by alcohol or drugs, or operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol conceration (BAC) of 0.008% or higher. Our top-rated criminal defense law firm has successfully defended clients against a wide array of drunk driving charges, including first DUI, multiple DUI's, hit and run, vehicular manslaughter, underage DUI, DUI causing injury, unlawful police stop, and DMV hearings. 


Criminal Cases in Los Angeles County

We have a track record of success in all types of criminal cases, including theft crimes, petty theft, robbery, receiving stolen property, burglary, grand theft, drug crimes, drug possession, possession with intent to sell, violent crimes, assault with a deadly weapon, murder, attempted murder, federal crimes, wire fraud, mail fraud, domestic violence, restraining orders, spousal abuse, stalking, intimidation, three strike cases, hit and run, manslaughter, white collar crimes, internet crimes, bench & arrest warrants, expungements, probation violations. among many others.


Sex Crime Criminal Defense Lawyer

We also provide aggressive legal defense against sex crime charges. Eisner Gorin LLP, Top-Rated Los Angeles sex crime defense lawyers have repeatedly been recognized as a Preeminent Law Firm by Martindale-Hubbell, a lawyers' review company, which places us in the top 5% of all U.S. law firms. A conviction for a criminal sex offense and can lead to many years in a California state prison and mandatory sex offender registration for life. Under California's Megan Law, all convicted sex offenders are required to list their name on the sex offender registry for an indefinite amount of time. In our experience, we have learned that innocent individuals are sometimes falsely accused of sex crimes, most commonly in cases of date rape, sexual assault and lewd acts with a child. We aggressively defend any type of sex crime allegation, including possession of child pornography, lewd conduct, indecent exposure, rape, statutory rape, prostitution, failure to register as a sex offender, child molestation, solicitation of a minor, indecent exposure, among others. 


Bail Bond and Own Recognizance Release Defense Lawyer

After an arrest, our criminal defense lawyers will immediately focus on getting you released from custody as quickly as possible. Over our five decades of combined experience in all Los Angeles area courts, we have learned effective strategies on getting your bail reduced or released on own recognizance. At the Arraignment, our client could be released on "O.R.," meaning on their own recognizance without having to post bail. If the court decides to set a bail amount, our defense lawyers will advise our clients and their family how to properly post bail in order to secure a release from jail as soon as possible. The court sets bail amount as a financial assurance the defendant will return to court after they are released.


There are two common methods of posting bail. A cash bail could be posted at the jail to cover the entire bail amount set by the court. At the conclusion of the case, if bail is exonerated, the client would receive back the entire amount. The most common method is securing a bond through a bail bonds company. The client is typically required to pay around 10% of the total bond amount to the bail company, which will then post the entire bail through a bond. If bail is exonerated, the 10% will not be returned to the client because this would be considered a fee to the bail bond company.


Probation Violation Hearing Criminal Defense Attorney

If at some point the court believes you are in violation of probation, either because you violated a law or you failed to satisfy a condition or you failed to check in with your probation officer, the court will hold a probation violation hearing.  


A probation violation hearing is similar to a trial in many ways: witnesses will testify, evidence will be presented, and you will have the right to an attorney.  Unlike a trial, however, there is no jury.  Instead, the judge makes the decision about whether or not you violated probation.  Also unlike a trial, the prosecution does not have to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt, but only by a preponderance of the evidence.  So if the evidence shows that it is 51% likely that you violated probation, the court will find you in violation.


Because the standard of proof is much lower, it is very important that you are well prepared for the hearing and that you have good legal representation. If the court finds that you violated probation, it can send you to jail in misdemeanor cases or to prison in felony cases.  The court can also just place you back on probation, possibly with more conditions to satisfy. As always, it is highly recommended that you speak to a criminal defense attorney as soon as you are aware of an investigation into or charges or a probation violation against you.


Criminal Appeals Defense Attorneys in Los Angeles

Our Los Angeles appellate attorneys can help you to appeal your California felony or federal offense conviction. Anyone convicted of a felony offense may file a criminal appeal if they believe there were legal mistakes made at their trial. However, under California law, the appeal must be filed within 60 days after they were convicted. An appeal is basically a legal argument presented to a higher court to determine if the original court made any errors in the interpretation of the law. Typically, a panel of judges will thoroughly review the trial proceedings. If they discover legal errors, they have the legal authority to reverse the conviction. 


The appeals process starts after our criminal lawyers file a “notice of appeal” in the original trial court. Once the trial transcripts are prepared, our appeals attorney will review in order to find sufficient legal errors that could result having the conviction overturned. If errors are discovered, our law firm will file “briefs” to the appeals court that will identify the errors and present an argument why they should overturn the conviction. At Eisner Gorin LLP, we have handled many types of appeals and habeas corpus petitions throughout the State of California. The legal procedures in appeals cases are complex. Therefore, you need extensive knowledge in this area of law. Call our law firm anytime to review your case to determine legal options.


California Proposition 47 Criminal Lawyer - Petition to Reduce Felony Offense to Misdemeanor 

In November 2014, voters passed into effect an important measure to bring fairness to sentencing in California’s criminal justice system. Known as Proposition 47, it reduces crimes that were previously considered a felony offense to a misdemeanor. It allows individuals who were convicted, including individuals who already served their sentence, to have their crime deemed a misdemeanor under Penal Code section 1170.18. These criminal offenses include most drug possession crimes, grand theft for under $950, receiving stolen property for under $950, commercial burglary for under $950, forgery for under $950, petty with a prior under certain circumstances.



Whether or not a criminal offense can be reduced also depends on the criminal history of the individual. If someone has a prior conviction for a violent sexual related offense, some sex crimes that require registration under California Penal Code section 290, or violent felony crime convictions, they will most likely be prevented from reducing their offense to a misdemeanor. If you have a prior conviction of the listed eligible offenses, contact our Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys to review all the details and potentially assist you by filing a petition for removal of the felony conviction from your record.


Long History of Courtroom Victories in Los Angeles

Over our decades of criminal defense law practice, we have obtained great results for our clients through planning and aggressive representation. Our law firm routinely achieves outstanding case results for clients who were facing misdemeanor or felony offenses in state, federal and even juvenile courthouses.


Since we have experience as former prosecutors, we have a full understanding on how the criminal justice system works. We have developed effective courtroom defense strategies and have reputation of providing aggressive legal representation. We understand that every case has it's own unique set of facts, evidence, and circumstances. 


Here are just a few examples of our courtroom victories by our skilled criminal lawyers:


Contact A Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney for a Free Consultation

If you are under a criminal investigation or have been arrested for a criminal offense, we would like to sit down with you to discuss you case. Our experienced legal team will evaluate your case and advise you of your legal options. We have 2 office locations in Los Angeles County. Our main office is directly across the street from the Van Nuys Courthouse. We specialize in defending criminal cases in the Van Nuys Court, San Fernando Court, Burbank Court, Downtown Los Angeles Criminal Courts Building, Santa Clarita Valley, Antelope Valley, Hollywood, LAX Airport, Studio City, Encino, Chatsworth, Pasadena, Alhambra, Malibu, Glendale, Palmdale, Lancaster.


We are available 24/7 to take you call and offer a free case evaluation. Call our law firm at (877) 781-1570.