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Successful Case Results

The COVID Pandemic laws have delayed an accused's right to a speedy trial and materially affected the court process. In response our firm has won the release of several clients from custody following felony charges, and is working on the release of a convicted prisoner in federal court.


Own Recognizance Release


Client was charged with felony vandalism including thousands of dollars in property damage in Malibu. Based on COVID-19, our law firm obtained an own recognizance of release for the defendant. He was released into a mental health facility consistent with his prior treatment history. The goal will be to pay full restitution, and have the charges reduced as part of case settlement once the court process is back to normal. Importantly the client is out of jail receiving the help he needs.


Own Recognizance Release


Client is charged as part of a conspiracy involving illegal gambling in "casitas," party homes in East Los Angeles with endemic drug and prostitution issues. He was previously being held on over $1,000,000 bail. As a result of the virus pandemic, the defense team secured an own-recognizance release without the need to post bail. The court, at the defense's request, permitted the client to travel out-of-state to shelter in place with his family in Texas. The District Attorney's Office reviewed the case upon our request and stipulated to the release.


Compassionate Release


Client is a convicted federal inmate serving a lengthy sentence. As a result of COVID-19, the defense has filed a motion for compassionate release with updated information on the Bureau of Prison's inadequate response to the virus and the particular danger posed to the client, who has serious underlying health conditions. The federal trial judge has granted the defense team a hearing on these issues later this month.


Mental Health Release


Client was accused of multiple acts of vandalism in a place of worship, and was facing over $1,000,000 bail. Our law firm secured his released after presentation of mental health evidence to the district attorney, and other reports showing extensive prior delusional conduct. Client was ordered released and placed into a private mental health treatment facility. Our firm convinced the prosecutor to look at the case closely, despite an initial position that the accuser committed a hate crime. We will defend the case with the client out of jail, who is receiving much needed treatment.


Case Rejected for Prosecution


While visiting from South Carolina, client was arrested for felony domestic violence against his girlfriend during the COVID lockdown. After our firm's pre-court intervention, the investigation was closed and case rejected for prosecution. We successfully argued the case has reasonable doubt that a crime occurred, and should not result in formal charging. Client did not have to return to Los Angeles for arraignment, avoided airport travel, and does not have a formal arrest record. The police contact is deemed a "detention only" pursuant to Penal Code Section 849.5.



Case Dropped 


Fight over parking space in Burbank led to client being accused of felony assault with his car. After defense presentation of evidence to the local police department and prosecutor, the case was rejected for prosecution.


Investigation Closed 


Deadly shooting inside apartment complex following an attempted robbery of marijuana from clients, led to them being investigated for homicide. Case closed after evidence of self-defense presented.


Felony Reduced 


A businessman was arrested for bringing a gun to the airport. He forgot it was in his luggage. After completing community service, he was sentenced to a misdemeanor and will be eligible to have it expunged off his record in 2 years.


Case Dropped 


Accuser/former neighbor filed a police report claiming unlawful sexual touching following a dispute with client's family. After presentation of defense evidence to the detective, the case was rejected for prosecution.


Case Dropped 


Client was accused of having an unlawful sexual relationship in a church group. Due to reasonable doubt after the defense presentation of evidence, the case was closed without formal charges in court.


Case Dropped 


Defense evidence demonstrated that the client was a victim of domestic violence. Even though she called the police and reported the incident, the police arrested her instead of the boyfriend. Case resolved with no criminal charges and informal City Attorney hearing.


Investigation Closed 


Elderly client accused of sexual assault of a minor by a family member. After pre-filing intervention, and presentation of defense evidence, the prosecutor did not file formal criminal charges.


Case Dropped 


College student was accused of possessing fake ID. Case closed without charges, after presentation of the client's strong law-abiding character and an informal City Attorney hearing.


Felony Case resolved as Misdemeanor 


Client was charged with felony grand theft and forgery related to identity theft in excess of $30,000. She was facing 2 years in state prison. Firm litigated the case extensively, and reached a misdemeanor settlement with no jail.


Case Dropped 


Client accused of domestic violence by his girlfriend. After our firm's precourt intervention, the investigation was closed and case rejected for prosecution.


Case Dropped 


Client who was a pilot and his wife got into a verbal and physical alteration. Hotel staff called the police and made a citizen’s arrest for domestic violence allegations. Client's position with an international airline was at risk following any record of
conviction. Case dropped after extensive presentation of evidence to the prosecutor.


Felony Reduced 


Client and his friend were mistakenly pulled over by the police as suspects of armed robberies in Culver City. Investigation at the scene determined they were not involved. However, client was in possession of drugs in a quantity large enough to charge him with trafficking, and was facing state prison time. After our law firm presented motions to suppress evidence due to constitutional rights violations, the prosecutor agreed to offer a misdemeanor possession plea upon completion of community service.


Domestic Abuse


Client was arrested for alleged domestic abuse against his elderly sister. After an extensive defense investigation, and pre-court ntervention with law enforcement and the prosecuting agency, the matter was diverted from formal prosecution to an informal office hearing. No court case filed.


Federal White Collar Crime


After several years of representation, firm's client is not charged despite a federal government raid and search in connection to defrauding a federal agency. 


Sex Crime Investigations


Over 10 individual cases where clients were accused of sex-related misconduct. They include business owners, entertainers, and attorneys. All cases were closed, despite arrests, after the defense evidence demonstrated the claims could not be proven in court beyond a reasonable doubt.




Client was convicted of Second Degree Implied-Malice Murder and sentenced to 15 years to life for the death of her severely disabled sister, whom the client had cared for in her home. On appeal, our firm successfully demonstrated multiple legal errors were made in the trial. In a rare move, the 2nd District Court of Appeals vacated client’s convictions, who now has a new chance
at life.


College Fight


Client was accused of an assault likely to produce great bodily injury by his roommate, who suffered significant injuries and went to the hospital. Firm obtained a successful pre-court decision to avoid formal prosecution, after establishing that the roommate was the initial aggressor. Combined with mitigating materials related to the client’s strong background and character, the prosecuting agency was persuaded to set the matter for an informal office hearing and not file formal felony charges.


Firearm at Airport


A businessman was accused of bringing a loaded pistol through airport security. Although the client was initially charged with a felony firearms offenses, firm's strategy and negotiations with the prosecutor's office resulted in a deferred judgment. Client will be convicted of a single misdemeanor offense after completing a community service hours. His record will later be expunged.


Neighbor Dispute


Client was charged with felony assault, elder abuse, and burglary after a late-night altercation with his neighbor. The defense investigation revealed the alleged victim harbored animus toward client based on his religion and lacked credibility. Despite the serious prison charges, the prosecuting agency was persuaded to offer a misdemeanor disposition with no jail time and
community service. The case will later be expunged.


Juvenile Threats


Teenager threatened classmates with a weapon after being bullied. Investigation closed without arrest, after our firm's pre-court intervention.


Domestic Violence


Client was arrested for felony domestic violence against his wife, while divorce was pending. The defense evidence successfully demonstrated that the wife was the aggressor in the altercation and had damaged property in the family home while attempting to attack the client. All charges were dropped at the Rancho Cucamonga courthouse.


Molestation Accusation


A stepfather was accused by teenage daughter of sex crimes. Our firm persuaded law enforcement to close the investigation, after demonstrating the claims were unsupported by witnesses, the accuser made prior inconsistent statements, and was subject to school discipline.


Grand Theft


Client was arrested for felony theft of merchandise at a high end department store. Following a defense presentation of evidence, the prosecution was persuaded to offer the client a diversionary outcome. She will earn a full dismissal after completing five days of community labor, leaving her with no criminal record whatsoever.


Rape Case Closed with No Charges Filed


An attorney facing an accusation of rape was under investigation by LAPD for many months. Our law firm conducted a pre-filing intervention, presenting defense evidence and legal argument to law enforcement and Office of the District Attorney. Case closed without charges being filed.


Felony Charges Dropped Before Court


Client was a “budtender” at a local marijuana dispensary which turned out to be unlicensed. She was arrested on felony charges when the facility was raided by law enforcement. Presentation of client’s strong background and moral character combined with a legal position concerning her lack of knowledge of the business’ legal status resulted in charges being dropped before court.


Major Charges Dropped Before Trial


An amateur boxer was facing accusations of felony assault, group rape, kidnapping, and causing great bodily injury. Our firm caused the case to be initially dismissed. The prosecutor refiled the charges. Case settlement on the eve of trial included dropping of all sex crimes, kidnapping, and life sentence enhancements.


No Charges Filed in Domestic Violence Case


A mother of two was accused by her soon-to-be ex-husband of domestic violence following a verbal argument between the parties. The defense investigation revealed that the alleged victim had a history of domestic violence toward the client himself, and was seeking an advantage in upcoming divorce litigation. No charges were filed after defense presentation.


No Charges Filed in Rape Case


A marine was accused of forcible rape by a young woman he and a fellow marine met while out on the town partying. Pre-court investigation by our firm revealed that the complaining witness’ own friends and associates disbelieved her claim based on her history of unreliable reporting. Further defense investigation revealed that the young woman had in fact had contact with the other marine, not our client. Effective presentation of this evidence in a formal pre-filing position to the government resulted in no charges being filed against client.


Misdemeanor Settlement in Insurance Fraud Case


A medical doctor faced felony charges after a surreptitious recording showed a conspiracy to defraud insurance. After extensive settlement negotiations, and presentation of mitigation, our law firm secured a misdemeanor settlement, with a short probationary period, and restitution.


Charges Dropped in Serious Felony Case


A high school teenager was accused of nonconsensual sexual touching by a classmate at a house party at which numerous minors, including client, were consuming alcohol and drugs. Client was arrested for this serious felony case and faced severe consequences. When our law firm presented an effective pre-filing legal position to the law enforcement, all charges were dropped and client was released from juvenile hall.


Case Dismissed in Threats with a Gun


Contractor was accused of threatening a neighbor with a gun after a noise complaint. Case dismissed by preliminary hearing magistrate due to insufficiency of evidence.


Charges Dropped in Death Threats Case


A limo driver was involved in a shouting match at LAX airport over a parking space. The complaining witness became irate and called law enforcement, fabricating a claim about client’s supposed death threats toward her.


The defense investigation demonstrated that client had a strong law-abiding background and that the complaining party had a history of reporting others to law enforcement for notoriety through her YouTube channel. All charges being dropped before court.


DA Reject in Domestic Violence Case


A business owner was arrested for domestic violence. Our investigation revealed the claims were fabricated by his wife as she suspected an affair. Pre-filing intervention focused on the issues of proof in the case, client’s bona fide self-defense claim, and client’s strong background and character resulting in a rejection of the charges by the District Attorney’s office.


Misdemeanor Sentence and No Jail in Theft From Employer Case


Client suffered from serious mental health issues which were previously not well-managed with medication. In in her manic state, she stole a large amount from her employer. Though client had no viable legal defense to the charges, effective presentation of mitigating circumstances and negotiation with the District Attorney’s office resulted in a misdemeanor sentence, avoiding all jail time.


No Filing of Rape Charges Through Pre-Filing Intervention


Air-traffic controller engaged in a consensual hookup. In an unusual turn of events, the alleged victim became furious with him the next morning after client refused to pay for the alleged victim’s valet parking or buy him breakfast.


The alleged victim made good on his verbal threat to client that he would call the police and falsely claim that client had raped him. Despite arrest, immediate pre-filing intervention by our firm avoided the filing of any formal charges against client.


No Charges Filed in Trade Secrets Case


Client was formerly employed at a major company which accused her of having transmitted trade secrets to her new employer by improperly accessing her former employer’s computer systems.


The defense investigation revealed that any information which may have been transmitted from her work email was done in good faith. Despite a lengthy investigation by law enforcement, our law firm's pre-filing intervention was successful in avoiding formal charges in court.


Felony Domestic Violence Case Dropped


Client was accused by his soon-to-be ex-wife of domestic violence in the context of the parties’ breakup. Thankfully for client, his home featured extensive video monitoring which helped corroborate the defense position that no violence took place.


Further investigation revealed that the complaining witness was jealous over client’s contacts with a woman overseas whom the complaining witness assumed to be a new girlfriend. The felony charges were dropped.


Trespassing Case Dropped


A visiting medical doctor from China was arrested for trespassing on a celebrity's property due to her infatuation with the singer. Case dropped in court.


Felony Assault Case with GBI Reduced to Misdemeanor Battery


A software engineer was facing felony assault charges, causing great bodily injury to a female escort, for stealing his money without performing what she promised. Firm caused case to be reduced to misdemeanor battery and community service at the preliminary hearing.


Felony Vandalism and Threats Redcued to Misdemeanor


A university professor was facing felony vandalism and threats offenses, during a drunken rampage. Our firm caused the case reduced to misdemeanor after proof of alcohol treatment and payment of restitution.


Torrance Superior Court - Domestic Violence Accusation against Nurse - Dropped 


Registered Nurse defendant has been arrested, facing arraignment, and risk of losing license to practice. Case is dropped on the eve of arraignment, and client exonerated.


Pomona Superior Court - Molestation Accusation – Dismissed in Trial 


While client was facing a possible 16-year sentence, after making a partial confession, firm caused the case to be dismissed on day of jury selection.


Torrance Superior Court - Business Owner Facing 18 Felonies, $1 million Bail – Probation with No Jail


At the preliminary hearing the defense demonstrated reasonable doubt over the serious child abuse charges. Most charges dismissed as part of plea agreement on eve of trial, after DA initial sought 8 years in prison.


Federal Court (California, Texas, D.C. Court) - Foreign Corrupt Practices Act


Over $1 billion in possible illegal kickbacks in the conspiracy with possible life sentence, business executive to serve less than 3 years in federal custody.


Los Angeles Downtown Federal Court - Federal Rico Jury Trial 


Client exonerated on felony RICO charges carrying minimum of 10 years or more in federal prison.


Los Angeles Juvenile Court - Felony Stabbing – Two Victims 


Client arrested and booked assault with a deadly weapon after defending himself with a knife from multiple school bullies who accosted him at his house. All charges dropped.


Los Angeles Police Criminal Investigation - Company Executives – Large Embezzlement Investigation 


Although audit showed losses in excess of $100,000, case was dropped without charges being filed.


Norwalk Superior Court - Life-Sentence Molestation Trial – Charges Reduced, Client to Serve Less than 1 Year


On the eve of trial, after extensive litigation, life-sentence molestation charges dropped. Client pled no contest to child endangerment/abuse, with no registration.


Los Angeles Downtown Superior Court - Felony Threats – School Campus 


Client sent threatening and racially charged emails in school.  Our firm successfully intervened, informal process outside of court.


Los Angeles Superior Court - 20 Marijuana Kilos Airport – Felony Transportation Charges 


Client arrested at an airport. Firm obtains misdemeanor sentence with community service.


Van Nuys Superior Court - Kidnapping and Robbery – Life Sentences Dropped


Co-defendants were charged with a kidnap for robbery and other felonies. On the eve of preliminary hearing, one defendant received probation with time served; the other defendant has a prior strike, and other prior felonies, to be out in less than 5 years.


Los Angeles Superior Court - Burglary and Theft Felony Charges – Formal Diversion 


Client with highest security clearance facing loss of job, and jail.  After significant mitigating factors presented, a diversionary outcome. Case will be dismissed after completion of treatment and payment of restitution.


LAX Airport Superior Court - Rape Allegation Dismissed - Arraignment Dropped 


Client, a college student, was arrested. Case is dropped before arraignment date after our intervention and presentation of defense evidence.


East Los Angeles Superior Court - L.A. Code Violations – Landlord’s charges dropped 


Two successful property owners facing misdemeanor charges after marijuana dispensary operating illegally.


Los Angeles Downtown Superior Court - Domestic Violence Arrest – Charges Dropped


Firm’s pre-filing intervention, after arrest, highlighted credibility issues and the lack of independent proof resulted in no filing.


Van Nuys Superior Court - Group Rape Charged Dropped - Misdemeanor, Time-Served


Client accused of the gang rape of an underage girl and faced decades in prison.  Defense investigation revealed that the sexual contact was consensual and that the alleged victim had perjured herself at the preliminary hearing.  


Los Angeles Superior Court - Felony Gun Possession Reduced to Misdemeanor, Community Service


Client was found in possession of a loaded unregistered firearm during a traffic stop. After Motion work, cross-examination, and settlement negotiations, successful outcome reached.


Los Angeles Superior Court - Felony Case Dropped After Pre-Filing Intervention


Our firm prevented felony charges being filed against our client after his felony arrest for assaulting tow truck drivers attempting to repossess his vehicle.


Despite the a use of a deadly weapon and a prior felony conviction, the arrest and charges were dropped due to our presentation of defense evidence to the prosecutor that established the tow company was not operating with a valid license and the repo men disturbed our client's family in the middle of the night and provided no paperwork to explain why they were there.


Our criminal defense attorneys also showed our client had been current on car payments and that the alleged victims were actually the aggressors in the ensuing physical confrontation. The client has been completely exonerated.


Sylmar Juvenile Court - Teenagers Arrested for Burglary - No Formal Juvenile Charges


Our juvenile clients were arrested for breaking into vehicles, theft, and being intoxicated. Our law firm was successful with intervention with police and the probation department by providing them with character letters, grades, work history, and making full restitution to vicims car's.


The intervention secured an informal resolution, which allowed them access to rehabilitative services such as counseling while preventing formal criminal charges from being filed against in juvenile court. Their records will remain clean which improves their odds of getting into the best colleges and reaching their professional goals.


San Fernando Superior Court - Not Guilty Verdict on Two Counts of Vehicular Homicide


Los Angeles criminal defense attorney Alan Eisner, partner at Eisner Gorin LLP, successfully defended a two-count vehicular homicide case at the San Fernando Courthouse. The jury returned a verdict of Not Guilty verdict following the two-week trial.


The client was accused of speeding and street racing causing his car to lose control and crash, resulting in the deaths of his two passengers. Three civilian witnesses testified that client was going between 70 and 90 miles per hour, cutting in and out of traffic.


Attorney Eisner successfully argued that the police’s accident reconstruction procedures were unreliable, and that the accident was caused by a hit and run driver. The jury’s verdict confirmed the defense position that there was insufficient evidence to find client guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.


Los Angeles Federal District Court - Jury Acquittal Of Felony Assault


Client was charged with a violation of 18 USC 113(6)-Felony Assault Causing Serious Bodily Injury, an accusation carrying a sentence of up to ten years. The incident involved a dispute between passengers on a Southwest Airlines flight from LAX to San Francisco.


The victim, seated directly behind our client, reclined her seat prior to takeoff. She ignored our client’s request to put her chair in upright position, as required, prior to takeoff. The victim reclined again just after takeoff. When our client attempted to engage her in conversation, the two argued, and the victim then called our client an expletive.


Our client then assaulted the victim. Testimony at trial revealed that client either ‘choked and punched her head’ or simply ‘took hold of her shoulders and shook her’ in frustration. The government presented testimony that the victim suffered a concussion, which included symptoms of headaches, loss of memory, nausea and anxiety.


The defense called five witnesses: The EMT/fireman who assessed the victim on the plane; a passenger who characterized the assault as shaking the victim from her shoulder area;, and two character witnesses who had known our client both personally and professionally, who both testified about his good character, including character traits for non-violence and law-abidedness.


Client also testified on his own behalf. The jury acquitted our client of Felony Assault, the indicted charge. They found him responsible for simple misdemeanor assault, 18 USC 113(5), a charge carrying a maximum sentence of six months. The case was covered in the media.


Van Nuys Superior Court - DUI Charges Dismissed


Our client was arrested for DUI after a .08 BAC reading at the Van Nuys police station. After court negotiation, our DUI lawyers were successful on getting the driving under the influence charges dismissed. Instead, our client settled their case for a minor traffic violation of making an illegal turn.


Van Nuys Superior Court - Hit and Run Charges Dismissed


All hit and run criminal charges against our client were dismissed after our Los Angeles criminal attorneys were able to obtain a civil compromise. Our client was able to walk out of the courtroom with a clean record.


Los Angeles Superior Court, LAX Courthouse - Robbery Acquittal


Client was facing multiple counts of robbery with a firearm at a fast food restaurant. A witness observed our client at the drive through window before the incident, his license plate was taken down, and police detectives placed his photograph in a lineup.


Our client was positively identified as the suspect restaurant employeess and faced 17 years in prison. We employed an eyewitness identification expert at trial were able to show the jury the suggestiveness of the photographic lineup, the suggestiveness procedures used by police, the discrepancies suspect description, and lack of evidence against the client. After a five-day jury trial, our client was acquitted of all charges.


Van Nuys Superior Court - Domestic Violence Dismissal


Client charged with spousal battery against his ex wife, and facing a probation violation. We were able effectively negotiate the case with the District Attorney and the case was dismissed. At the probation violation hearing, we cross examined the complaining witness. The court found no violation and our client was reinstated on probation.


Los Angeles Airport Court - DUI Causing Accident Charges Dismissed


In spite of .09 DUI BAC results at the police station, our Los Angeles DUI attorneys were successful in getting the charges dismissed. Instead, our client settled for a reduced, non-alcohol related charge, of speed exhibition after our lawyers convinced the prosecutor they had legal issues with proving the allegations. 


San Fernando Superior Court - Assault & Battery Acquittal


Client was facing assault and battery charges after a family dispute. The victim and witnesses testified that our client struck, kicked, and pushed the victim, causing several injuries. We were able to demonstrated to the jury the victim and witness had financial motives, and provided medical records that the victim had pre-existing injuries along with a history of dizziness and loss of balance. After a four-day jury trial, our client was acquitted of the charges.


Torrance Superior Court - DUI Charges Dismissed


Our client was arrested for DUI after a breath-alcohol test posted .14 results. Our Los Angeles DUI lawyers were successful in plea negotiations with the prosecutor, who agreed to dismiss the DUI charges after an agreement tp plead to a non-alcohol driving charge and pay a fine. Our attorneys were also successful with our clients DMV hearing where they were allowed to keep their California driver’s license without a suspension.


Newhall Superior Court - DUI Dismissed


Client was facing charges of driving under the influence (DUI). We challenged the legality of the stop by police during pretrial motions, efectively making the argument there was insufficient probable cause to stop our client’s vehicle. After consideration, the Judge agreed and dismissed the case prior to trial.


Central District of California, Federal Court - Drug Case Dismissed


Client faced federal charges of purchasing pseudo-ephedrine in mass quantities for transportation and resale and faced a 40 year prison sentence. DEA obtained consent by our client to enter his home after claiming they were earthquake inspectors. We challenged the legality of the home entry and search of his home and seizure of property on grounds that consent was obtained unlawfully. The U.S. District Court Judge agreed with our argument and suppressed the contraband that resulted in dismissal of the entire case.


Pasadena Superior Court - Robbery & Assault Dismissal


Client was facing robbery and assault charges. His license plate was written down at the crime scene and he was positively identified as the suspect by two witnesses from a photograph. The case involved witnesses proving his location at the time of the alleged crime. Our independant investigation was prepared and presented to the District Attorney who decided to dismiss the case prior to trial.


Santa Clarita Superior Court - DUI Charges Dismissed


Our client was arrested for DUI after a posting breath test result of .09. Our Los Angeles drunk driving lawyers were able to show the prosecutor they had problems with proving their case. After negotiations, the prosecution agreed to dismiss the DUI charges after our client agreed to a reduced charge of reckless driving, a non-alcohol related offense.


Sylmar Juvenile Court - No Charges Filed in Juvenile Weapons Possession


Our juvenile client was arrested at his high school after school officials obtained his consent to search his car, where they found a knife-like object. We immediately contacted the police and District Attorney’s office and preseneted them with character testimonials and questioning the legality of the conduct by police. After consideration, the District Attorney’s office decided not to file criminal charges against our client.


Van Nuys Court - DUI and Refusal, Charges Dismissed


A driver was involved in an accident after falling asleep at the wheel causing injuries to the occupants. LAPD officers arrested our client for felony DUI charges after establishing that he took too much prescription medication.


The officers decided at the scene that he was not cooperative with their request charged him with refusing blood alcohol testing because of bad communication because English was his second language and he had a strong stutter. We were able to have all his DUI charges dismissed and the allegation that he refused the testing was also dropped.


San Fernando Superior Court - Not Guilty Verdict on Assault with a Deadly Weapon Charges


Our client was charged with four separate charges related to assault and domestic violence. He was facing a sentence of three years in state prison. During the two week trial, we were able to present an effective defense against all the criminal charges. Once the jury started their deliberations, they returned a not guilty verdict within 10 minutes. Furthermore, the judge ordered his police reports to be sealed and destroyed. 


Van Nuys Superior Court - DUI for Marijuana Charges Dismissed


Our client, a licensed car salesman, was charged with DUI marijuana. If convicted, his license would be suspended causing him to lose is job. The initial DUI blood test showed positive for marijuana. Our DUI attorneys in Los Angeles obtained the services of an independent lab to conduct further blood testing.


Their tests revealed negative results for THC 9, which is the active ingredient in marijuana that will have an impact on the ability to drive a motor vehicle. We presented this test to the prosecutor who agreed to dismiss the DUI charges after our client settled for a speeding ticket with a traffic school. Our client was able to retain his license and continue his career.


San Fernando Superior Court - Two Gang-Related Murder Charges Dismissed


Prosecutors claimed our client was the driver of the vehicle during two separate gang-related murders in the San Fernando Valley. If convicted, he was facing a life without parole sentence. During extensive negotiations with the prosecution attorneys, we were able to secure a plea deal where one of the murder charges were dismissed at the preliminary hearing.


We were also able to reach a settlement on the second murder charge where our client would enter a plea of voluntary manslaughter and serve his time in Los Angeles County jail, not a state prison.


Van Nuys Superior Court - Driving on Suspended License  Due to DUI Charges Dismissed


Our client was facing a significant jail sentence because they were driving with a suspended license with several prior DUI arrest. They were under criminal investigation by a special DUI unit. Our DUI defense lawyers in Los Angeles proved our client’s driver’s license was not actually suspended at the time they were arrested the DUI unit, which followed our client from  the courthouse.


After aggressive negotiations with the Los Angeles County prosecutor, the charges were reduced to simple driving without a drivers license. This is a misdemeanor charge that carries no jail time or points on their record. The initial charge was dismissed. 


Van Nuys Superior Court - Felony Evading Police Charge Reduced to Probation


Our client was charged with evading police while driving under the influence. At the initial preliminary hearing, we were able to negotiate a dismissal of the charges. However, the prosecutor decided to refile charges and were seeking a state prison sentence. After extensive negotiations, we were able to secure a plea deal where our client received probation only, with no jail time.


Van Nuys Superior Court - Not Guilty of Murder By Reason of Insanity


Our client was charged with first degree murder and was facing a prison sentence of 25 years to life, if convicted. The jury agreed with our court argument and found he was insane at the time of the offense. He was ordered to a mental facility for treatment.


Van Nuys Superior Court - Domestic Violence Criminal Charges Dismissed


Our client had a previous domestic violence conviction in another county at the time he was arrested in Los Angeles County for another domestic violence charge. Therefore, the prosecutor decided to file felony charges and a separate criminal threats charge. After we announced ready for trial and presented evidence there were significant problems with the prosecutors proof, the case against our client was dismissed.


Malibu Superior Court - DUI Accident Charges Dismissed


Our client was driving on the Freeway when they crashed their car. The police arrested our client for DUI due to prescription medication. Our Los Angeles DUI attorneys were able to prove to the prosecutor that there was no relation between the prescription drugs and the car accident. Our lawyers were able to show their medication was within the prescribed legal limits and lawful. The prosecutor agreed with our argument and we settled the DUI case for a non-alcohol related traffic violation. The DUI charges were dismissed.


Los Angeles Downtown Courthouse


Our client was already on probation in Riverside County when police arrested him in Los Angeles County. He was charged with numerous felony offenses, including drug possession for sale, drug transportation, and possession of an illegal weapon. We successfully negotiated a plea bargain where he only received probation in the LA County case and was reinstated on probation his Riverside County case. In total, he only had to serve four months in a jail. 


Pasadena Superior Court - Probation on Theft and Elder Abuse Charges


Client was facing at least a five year state prison sentence after he was accused of violating a position of trust on an elderly victim. We extensively negotiated with the prosecutor and were able to secure a plea bargain where our client only ordered to perform some community service.


Van Nuys Superior Court - Client Resentenced After Receiving One Year in Jail


Our client was represented by another attorney and had already pleaded guilty on two criminal cases. They received a one year sentence in the Los Angeles County jail. Due to the amount of time they were sentenced, it made their case an aggravated felony offense for the INS and our client was facing deportation.


At this point, our client retained our Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers. We began an aggressive legal strategy by having our client complete a substantial drug rehabilitation program. Afterwards, our lawyers show the prosecutor the weaknesses in their case and he was resentenced to no jail time.


Glendale Superior Court - Domestic Violence Charges Dismissed


Our client was charged with domestic violence and the police detectives assigned to the case attempted to convince the prosecutor to take the case to trial. After our own independent investigation, we were able to present exculpatory evidence to the prosecution that raised serious reasonable doubt they would be able to secure a conviction. After careful consideration, the prosecutor agreed with our findings and dismissed the case.


Newhall Court - Battery on a Minor Charges Dismissed


Client was facing a one year jail sentence after being charged with battery. We negotiated a plea bargain where our client would attend counseling classes. After successful completion, the crimina charges were dismissed and our client maintained their clean history.


Sylmar Juvenile Court - Robbery and Carjacking Charges Dismissed


Client had an extensive criminal history, including serving time in a juvenile camp. The District Attorney was attempting to prosecute our client as an adult and faced a ten year prison sentence. After a thorough review of all the specific details on their case, we convinced the prosecutor it was a case of mistaken identity. They eventually agreed and the all the strike offenses were dismissed.


San Fernando Superior Court  - Assault and Battery Charges Dismissed


Our client was arrested for allegedly assaulting his neighbor and the prosecutor set the case to go to trial. We conducted our own investigation and were able to locate a witness who contradicted the evidence in the case. After reviewing the our witness statements and evidence, the DA continued the case for a later date and set for an informal city attorney hearing. At the hearing, all criminal charges against our client were dismissed.