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Riverside Criminal Defense Attorney

If you or a family member is under a criminal investigation or already arrested and charged with a crime in Riverside, CA, you will need an experienced criminal defense lawyer to have the best chance at resolving the case favorably.

Riverside Criminal Defense Attorney
If you were accused of committing a crime, you will need experienced legal representation.

Our law firm handles all types of common California misdemeanor or felony charges, including:

  • domestic violence,
  • DUI,
  • internet crimes,
  • drug crimes,
  • sex crimes,
  • theft crimes,
  • white collar crimes,
  • federal crimes.

The possibility of going to jail on a serious criminal charge can be overwhelming to you and your family. If you have been accused of committing a crime, you will need experienced legal representation in your corner. 

Put simply, the choice you make on selecting a criminal defense lawyer can be crucial to the outcome of your case.

The state of California Penal Codes is clear when laying out penalties for different types of crimes after a conviction.

Clearly, a felony offense is the most serious charge you can face and you will need to have a clear understanding of your legal rights.

Our law firm will explain what you are facing after an arrest and booking, along with the court process and the Riverside criminal justice system.

Early intervention into your case is essential as negotiation with the prosecution might be possible. Perhaps we could seek reduced charges or even a case dismissal.

Type of Cases We Defend

A criminal conviction can impact your career and family. When charged with a crime, you need a legal professional on your side. Our criminal defense law firm handles all types of cases, including the following:

Drug crimes charges will always depend on different factors, such as the type of drug, quantity possessed, and whether the drugs were for simple possession or with the intent to sell them.

The most common controlled substances include heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, hallucinogens, and often lead to significant jail time and fines if you are convicted.

Domestic violence are the most common charges in the state of California and Riverside. In fact, Penal Code 243(e)(1) PC domestic battery cases, a misdemeanor offense, is the statute used by prosecutors in a domestic-related incident.

These type of cases are often complex as they normally involve restraining orders or protective orders that prohibit a defendant from making contact with the victim.

A conviction for domestic violence can be life-altering and you will need a lawyer who knows how to effectively negotiate with the prosecutor for reduced charges.

Sex related offenses are some of the most serious crimes that can impact your future. In fact, just an allegation that you may have been involved in a sexual related crime can ruin your reputation.

Common sex crimes include sexual battery, lewd acts with a minor, and internet sex crimes. The penalties for a conviction are severe and include jail time, large fines, and mandatory registration as a sex offender.

Theft crimes regularly occur and include the burglary, robbery, grand theft, petty theft, identity theft, receiving stolen property, insurance fraud, and shoplifting.

The penalties for a conviction often depend on the amount of loss suffered by a victim, details of the offense, and defendant's past criminal history.

Driving under the influence charges under Vehicle Code 23152 VC are another one of the most common in Riverside, California.

The DUI penalties will depend on many factors, such as prior DUI convictions, whether someone was injured in an accident, among others.

In most cases, DUI offenses will lead to fines, mandatory drug and alcohol counseling, and driver's license suspension.

Violent crimes such as assault with a deadly weapon, attempted murder, kidnapping, murder, gang crimes, and assault.

In California, violent crimes often carry the most severe penalties, especially for a defendant with prior convictions for a violent felony offense. The three strikes law can significantly increase a sentence.

Criminal Court Process in Riverside, CA

After someone is arrested for a crime, they will normally have an opportunity to post bail or get released on their own recognizance. The exception of course is whether the charges are a violent felony or the defendant is a threat to public safety, or a flight risk.

The District Attorney's Office will decide whether to formally file charges based on the evidence.

After charges have been filed, a defendant will need to appear at their initial court arraignment, where the judge will tell them the charges they are facing and ask them to enter a plea.

Criminal Court Process in Riverside, CA
Your attorney and the prosecutor will normally attempt to resolve the case through negotiation.

On a misdemeanor case, a defendant can have a criminal defense lawyer make the appearance on their behalf.

If a defendant fails to appear in court when required, then the judge will issue a bench warrant for their arrest, which means they could be arrested at any time when they come into contact with law enforcement.

After a defendant has been formally charged with a crime, the next step often involves negotiation between the defense lawyer and the prosecutor for reduced charges or a case dismissal

If a negotiated plea bargain can't be reached, then the case will proceed to a trail court to determine guilt or innocence.

If found guilty, the judge will impose a sentence, which could include only probation with certain conditions.

Riverside Courthouse and Jail

If you are arrested and charged with a crime in Riverside, California, then you case will normally proceed to the:

Riverside Hall of Justice - 4100 Main St., Riverside, CA 92501.

There are other courthouses where the case could be handled, such as the Blythe Courthouse, Banning Justice Center, Larson Justice Center, and the Southwest Justice Center.

The Riverside Police Department normally will arrest and book at defendant at the Riverside County Jail located at:

Robert Presley Detention Center - 4000 Orange Street, Riverside, CA 92501.

If you or a family member is under investigation, or already arrested and charged with a crime, then you need to act quickly and contact a lawyer to protect your rights.

Through prefiling intervention, we may be able to negotiate with the prosecutor to avoid the formal filing of charges before court.

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