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Los Angeles Criminal Threats Attorney

Criminal Defense Lawyers Defending Individuals Charged With Making Criminal Threats


Los Angeles Criminal Threats Defense Attorney

Criminal threats charges can often be a difficult crime to define and often used as a tactic by Los Angeles police if other options are limited. An individual can be charged with criminal threats if they threaten to shoot another person while holding a weapon or if a recently terminated employee contacts his supervisor and makes threats. In some cases, a badly timed joke or just an aggressive expression of frustration can lead to charges of criminal threats. 


Under California Penal Code Section 422, Criminal Threats (formerly known as terrorist threats) are defined as:



In order to be convicted of a violent crime case of criminal threats, the prosecution must prove all of the elements above beyond a reasonable doubt. If the prosecution fails to prove one of the above elements you must be acquitted.


Legal Penalties for a Criminal Threats Conviction

Anyone who is convicted of a criminal threat can be punished by imprisonment in the county jail not to exceed one year, or by imprisonment in the state prison. California Penal Code 422 (criminal threats) is a wobbler; meaning it can be pursued as either a felony or misdemeanor, which is ultimately up to the prosecutor to decide.


If you are convicted of the felony, you may face up to as much as four years in a California state prison and if you used a dangerous weapon or threatened someone with a dangerous weapon, your sentence may increase by one year.


If you are convicted of the misdemeanor, you may face up to one year in a county jail. In addition, if you already have two strikes on your record, this could lead to a mandatory sentence under the three strikes law because a criminal threats conviction is considered a strike on your record. In some cases, a criminal threats can be negotiated to a reduced charge of disturbing the peace. See our blog: California Disturbing the Peace Law - PC 415.


Legal Defenses Against a Criminal Threats Case

Some possible legal defenses include:



Contact a Los Angeles Criminal Threats Lawyer

We have decades of experienced defending clients against charges of criminal threats. We understand how the prosecutor will attempt to build their case against you and have developed effective defense strategies.


Our top-ranked criminal defense lawyers provide aggressive legal representation in even the most challenging circumstances. We are available 24/7 to review your case. Call our law office at 877-781-1570 for a free immediate response.


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