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Media Requests and Technical Consultations

Dmitry Gorin in the Media

Criminal defense attorney Dmitry Gorin is available for legal commentary and production consultations in Los Angeles, California. Mr. Gorin’s past appearances have included television commentary on CNN, NBC, HLN, and international media in Canada and Great Britain, and extensive legal analysis to print media as well.


Dmitry Gorin is a media legal analyst, television commentator, and educator to other lawyers in the area of criminal law, police procedure, and court defense strategy.


Mr. Gorin is a former District Attorney, a law professor, and has been devoted to handling criminal law issues for over 25 years.


He is a prominent Los Angeles criminal defense attorney who has represented defendants in multiple high-profile criminal cases including Kathy Griffin, Mark Salling, Jensen Buchanan, paparazzi in connection to Justin Bieber, and numerous professional athletes and rap artists.


He has also authored numerous articles on criminal defense issues in legal publications, and has instructed other lawyers on trial and deposition advocacy, high-profile cases, and representing victims of crime.


Mr. Gorin frequently provides legal analysis on prominent cases pending nationally to the LA Times, the Los Angeles Daily Journal, the New York press, and British press. 


Print media describes him as an “expert” in the field of criminal law and defense.  He has discussed the prosecution of high-profile individuals facing sex crime accusations including Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Bill Cosby, and others.


Mr. Gorin has been asked to provide on-air opinions on topics such as the Conrad Murray trial, the Phil Spector trial, prosecution of corrupt police officers, revenge porn, Linday Lohan’s criminal law issues, unreliable eyewitness testimony in trial, the use of drugs by witnesses, among others.


He also worked with HBO on the production of the Phil Spector bio-epic, created by David Mamet, and is regularly contacted by writers and producers seeking to consult on television and movie script ideas.


If you are a producer, journalist, or studio executive, in need of a televised interview or technical consultation, please feel free to contact Eisner Gorin LLP to discuss Mr. Gorin’s availability.


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Experienced Television Legal Analyst and Commentator 

Attorney Dmitry Gorin's expertise as a television analyst and commentator is also demonstrated by his years of instructing other lawyers, sharing with them his prosecutor and defense experiences in addressing complicated criminal law issues. Dmitry has regularly instructed other lawyers in the area of criminal defense throughout Los Angeles and to numerous Bar Associations.


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