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High-Profile Cases in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyers Defending High-Profile Clients Accused of Criminal Conduct

Los Angeles High-Profile Case Criminal Defense Lawyer

At Eisner Gorin LLP, our Los Angeles criminal defense law firm has kept cases out of court for professional athletes, movie producers, and entertainers. Representing high-profiles clients requires unique skills, knowledge and experience.


Criminal defense attorneys who represent movie and television figures face issues that will not typically arise in normal legal proceedings. The long term consequences of a celebrity or high-profile arrest are typically much more significant than those facing a defendant who has not lived their live in the public spotlight. 


Any negative publicity can devastate the career of a well-known person, be it a music producer or a CEO of a major company. The role of a criminal defense lawyer in a celebrity case includes fighting for charges to be dropped, which will protect the client's ability to keep working.


Sexual Related Accusations

Wealthy and well-know individuals often have targets on their backs for extortion attempts. Their former partners make threats to go to police, and ask to be paid in exchange for silence.


In some sexual related cases, where the alleged victim knows the celebrity, a common police tactic is to have the alleged victim call the high-profile individual with prepared questions hoping to get them apologize or admit a criminal act. In this type of investigative technique, police detectives are listening and recording the conversation.


Caught off guard, the suspect could make incriminating statements. This type of evidence is admissible in court and devastating, even if the high-profile person decides to remain silent later. An experienced high-profile Los Angeles criminal attorney would know to warn their client in advance of police tactics, potentially saving them public embarrassment and years of incarceration.


Contact a High-Profile Case Criminal Defense Attorney in Los Angeles

Dmitry Gorin and Alan Eisner have litigated some of the most recognized white collar crime, sex crime, computer offenses, and narcotics cases nationally. Many of the firm's cases have been profiled by media outlets such as the Los Angeles Times, Daily News, Daily Bruin, Daily Mail UK, Variety Magazine, ABC, NBC and Court TV.


Our Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers are Bar-Certified Criminal Law Specialists, specializing in defending clients in complex criminal matters in state and federal courts nationwide. Our partners have litigated hundreds of jury and court trials, successfully defending other attorneys, large business owners, celebrities, medical professionals who were facing serious felony offenses.


If an arrest has happened and an arraignment is pending, our firm's focus is on having the charges dismissed before the formal filing of criminal charges in court. Numerous cases involving allegations of domestic violence, child molestation, and other serious cases have been dropped before court after our law firm's intervention. The law firm understands the critical importance of a criminal defense professional to intervene early and aggressively. This includes an immediate independent crime scene investigation, interviewing witnesses, and other defense techniques that might convince a prosecutor not to file formal charges. 


Besides providing criminal defense services nationally, our criminal defense attorneys have often asked to serve as a legal experts for a variety of national and international media outlets and have previously provided commentary on the criminal prosecutions of Phil Spector, Roman Polanski, O.J. Simpson, Michael Jackson, Dr. Conrad Murray, Justin Bieber, Bill Cosby, Mel Gibson, Caitlyn Jenner, Sean 'Diddy' Combs and Lindsay Lohan, among others.  


Call our law firm immediately for a criminal defense consultation, before speaking to law enforcement. We are just one call away.