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Dmitry Gorin

Dmitry Gorin is a partner at Eisner Gorin LLP, a boutique, Los Angeles-based law firm with an AV-Preeminent Rating, specializing in criminal defense.

Dmitry Gorin, Esq.

Dmitry has been ANNUALLY selected to Best U.S. Lawyers (Top 1% U.S. Law Firms). Corporate Counsel Magazine has called the Best Lawyers publication “the most respected referral list of attorneys in practice” based on its exhaustive peer-review survey in which leading attorneys assess the abilities of other lawyers in their practice areas.

Dmitry is also a State-Bar Certified Criminal Law Specialist and a former Senior Deputy District Attorney in Los Angeles County. Mr. Gorin has been annually selected for the Top 100: 2022 and 2023 Southern California Super Lawyers Top List. He is the only State-Bar Certified Criminal Law Specialist in this distinguished group of lawyers in the state.

Dmitry Gorin is a media legal analyst​, television commentator, and educator to other lawyers in the area of criminal law, police procedure, and court defense strategy. He is also the author of the most recognized criminal law publication for over 20 years.

Drawing from more than a decade of experience as a former LA District Attorney, Mr. Gorin now specializes in the defense of complex criminal matters in state and federal courts nationwide.

Having litigated approximately 100 jury trials, he has successfully defended attorneys, medical professionals, business owners and corporations on felony and misdemeanor crimes nationally. Mr. Gorin specializes in all criminal defense matters including allegations of sex crimes, federal violations, drug crimes, violence, white-collar crime, juvenile court, drug crimes, and DUI.

Mr. Gorin has also litigated some of the largest white collar crime and narcotics cases nationally. Many of his publicity cases have been profiled by media outlets such as the Los Angeles Times, Daily News, ABC, NBC and Court TV.

Even if an arrest has been made, Mr. Gorin focuses on getting charges dropped before formal charging in court.

It is important for a criminal defense professional to intervene early and aggressively.

Los Angeles Criminal Lawyers Defending High-Profile Clients Accused of Criminal Conduct
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This includes an immediate crime scene investigation, witness interviews, and other work that could convince the prosecution to not bring criminal charges and keep a person's record clean.

Since 2001, Mr. Gorin has served as an Adjunct Professor at both Pepperdine Law School and UCLA, in trial and pre-trial litigation, public speaking, and criminal law.

He is also active member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the California Association of Criminal Justice, and is the founder of the Eastern-European Bar Association.

He regularly instructs other attorneys on criminal defense litigation and has presented MCLE lectures at the California State Bar, Santa Monica Bar, and San Fernando Valley Bar Associations.

Mr. Gorin is frequently asked to serve as a legal expert/analyst for various national and international media outlets and has previously provided commentary on the criminal prosecutions of Phil Spector, Roman Polanski, Dr. Murray, Mel Gibson and Lindsay Lohan, among others.

STATE-BAR CERTIFIED CRIMINAL LAW SPECIALIST — Mr. Gorin has received the highest level of certification from the California State Bar's Board of Legal Specialization based on his criminal defense expertise, peer-to-peer review, judicial reviews, and trial court experience. See federal court victories here.

Dmitry Gorin - Super Lawyers

Read what Dmitry's past clients have to say:

AVVO Superb Lawyers (2010-Present)

Hands down the best criminal defense attorney. Dmitry Gorin has got to be one of the best, if not the best criminal defense lawyer! Very knowledgeable and confident in court that knows exactly what he is doing. My brother was arrested a couple of months back for kidnapping and rape. The prosecutor was trying to give him a life sentence. After months of Dmitry gathering up evidence and building a strong case to beat my brother's case, he got my brother out of jail with no felony over his head after just needing to take a couple of sex ed classes! Very confident and experienced lawyer that will tear an arm and a leg going up against the prosecutor to beat your case! Highly recommend Dmitry gorin, next time, if ever needed I'll definitely be hiring him without a doubt.

Highly recommend Dmitry Gorin. I was charged with a felony driving under the influence with bodily injury and facing jail time. A family friend, who was a prior client and was enrolled in his UCLA law class, recommended I contact Dmitry. From my first phone call with him to my final court date, he and his legal team were very professional, yet empathetic towards me and my family. He always stayed in constant contact with me with new information on my case. He was honest, direct, and pragmatic. With Dmitry and his law firm's knowledge of the Los Angeles County courts system, hard work, and diligence, my criminal charges were reduced to a misdemeanor first time DUI offense. I HIGHLY recommend Dmitry Gorin and his criminal defense legal team at Eisner Goring LLP. If I ever need a lawyer in the future, I know exactly who to call.

Dmitry Gorin is an excellent defense attorney. In almost 50 years of my life, I never needed an attorney. After I was charged with a misdemeanor crime I did not commit, I quickly searched for a criminal defense attorney. Many of my friends and colleagues told me about Dmitry Gorin, so I gave him a call. We had a meeting where we reviewed the details of my criminal case. Dmitry was very knowledgeable and helpful in every step of the legal process. When there were some roadblocks, he would explain what was happening and made me feel comfortable. Since I did not have the financial or emotional means to go through a trial, he worked out a very reasonable plea deal. Nobody should ever have to go through the nightmare of dealing with criminal charges alone. In my situation, finding the right criminal defense lawyer like Dmitry Gorin made it all the easier. After previously saying "what should I do, I don't have a lawyer?", I can now say if I ever need an attorney in the future, "I have the best attorney, get Mr. Dmitry Gorin on the phone!". Thank you Dmitry and all your legal staff! I am very thankful for everything that you have done for me!

Made the impossible possible! My brother was charged with a sex crime involving a minor and he is a 40 year old plus man. Although my brother is a bit slow developmentally, no matter where I read, everything points to jail time and sex offender registration even if you are found by experts to be mentally incompetent. My sister and I prepared for the worst case. However, Mr. Gorin and his team managed to have the DA not file any charges at all. My brother was never charged and the case was dropped. They worked hard from the time of our consultation to completion. They were very thorough with preparations and no time at all did I feel they were not working hard for me. All my questions through emails and texts were returned within an hour or less. They know the law and more importantly, they have a solid reputation that is respected by their peers and surrounding DA's. I also think the positive relationship Mr. Gorin has with the DA's are crucial when it comes down to negotiating. He has it all. Choosing Mr. Gorin to handle my brother's case was the best decision ever.

Great outcome in my criminal case: Dmitry Gorin handled my criminal case and was so professional. It was a highly stressful situation for me personally but he was so informative and up front in constructing a plan of attack to fight the charges against me. His hard work paid off because I got all four criminal charges against me thrown away. I'm so thankful for his efforts and would hire him again without question.

I got a greater outcome than I anticipated: I was facing two felony sex crime charges. From the very first phone call, Dmitry made me feel like I was in good hands. He knew exactly what he was doing and kept me in the loop with the progress of my case. In the end, I avoided jail time and got three years of informal probation since he got one of the charges dropped and got the second lowered to a misdemeanor. I did have to do 290 registration but he was up front during our consultation that that was highly likely to be part of the outcome regardless. All in all, the outcome was far greater than I could have anticipated since the initial probation we were offered was five years instead of three and I, again, avoided jail time completely. I would highly recommend Dmitry, especially if you are facing similar charges.

My case was dismissed: Outstanding performance from Mr. Gorin himself and office employees. He kept me updated throughout the whole process. He was able to keep me out of jail and got me the best possible result. My case was dismissed due to insufficient evidence! Thank you Mr. Gorin. You are a lifesaver!

I highly recommend Mr. Gorin: Dmitry Gorin is top notch. From the first phone call on, he made me feel calm and in good hands. His demeanor is reassuring and totally professional. I had never needed a lawyer in his field before and I was quite scared. He kept me informed and in the loop every step of the way. He and his partners took time to hear everything I had to say and put it to good use in my case. They made me feel as though they knew me already. Like family. They got my case resolved quickly and efficiently. I recommend them highly.

Got my DUI case thrown out: Mr. Gorin was able to get my DUI case dismissed. He was friendly, incredibly intelligent, and worth every penny. He was always available to answer my questions which really helped me keep calm during the whole case. I will recommend Eisner and Gorin to everyone possible.

Recent Case Results

  • Large white-collar crime, with alleged 100+ million loss, pending in multiple federal jurisdictions. The firm secures the release of the main defendant in the indictment after months of litigation.  New Jersey-Oklahoma-California District Courts.
  • A murder charge was dropped at the preliminary hearing following the presentation of defense witnesses and a mental health expert regarding the client's PTSD. LAX Courthouse.
  • Mental health diversion resulting in a dismissal for a doctor facing misdemeanor sex crime allegations and 290 registration. Orange County Superior Court.
  • Felony domestic violence charge pending at the preliminary hearing results in informal DA diversion, leading to dismissal after completion of treatment classes. LAX Courthouse.
  • Case involving illegal possession of weapons and drugs results in full dismissal due to violation of client's rights. Los Angeles Downtown Courthouse.
  • Child abuse charges dropped after informal DA Diversion and completion of treatment classes. San Fernando Court.
  • Numerous felony fraud charges against a police officer were reduced to one misdemeanor, ultimately expunged. Los Angeles Downtown Courthouse.
  • Sex offenses are handled informally through an office hearing, without filing charges in court, for a music producer. Van Nuys Court.
  • Sex offense investigation against a professor closed without formal charges after firm intervention and presentation of defense evidence. LAX Court.
  • An embezzlement case was resolved without formal charges in court after presenting defense evidence. Glendale Court.
  • Judicial diversion following reduction of case to a misdemeanor following a felony car theft arrest. Our client will be dismissed entirely after completing community service. Inglewood Superior Court.
  • Domestic violence charges were dropped against an attorney following a year-long investigation. The alleged victim was a peace officer. The firm's timely intervention was critical. Santa Clarita Superior Court.
  • A social media personality facing domestic violence felony arrest has the case dismissed without charges in court after the presentation of defense evidence. Long Beach Superior Court.
  • An Ivy-league student facing fake ID and a minor in possession allegations, following criminal citation, obtains an informal prosecutorial program. No formal charges were filed in court.
  • Sex offense charges were dropped at the preliminary hearing for the client after the presentation of defense evidence and cross-examination. Van Nuys Courthouse.
  • Client facing federal investigation for possession of child pornography 18 USC 2252 avoids felony charges and resolves case for a misdemeanor, summary probation, and no jail time. Our firm defended the matter for several years and presented extensive mitigation evidence to the government of Santa Barbara County.

  • College student arrested for felony DUI with Injury case VC Section 23153. The felony dropped following the law firm's pre-court intervention, and the client settled the matter for a misdemeanor exhibition of speed, no jail. Downtown Los Angeles.

  • Rape investigation PC 261(a)(2) against a well-known artist was closed for insufficient evidence after our firm's investigation and presentation of evidence to law enforcement. Santa Clara County.

  • Real estate developer faces rape PC 261(a)(2) and domestic violence PC 273.5(a) accusations from a former girlfriend, resulting in an open LAPD investigation. Our firm presented extensive defense evidence related to the accuser's lack of credibility and defense witness statements. The case was rejected for prosecution. Downtown Los Angeles.

  • The client is arrested for a felony theft offense PC 487(a) on government property. After the presentation of defense evidence before the filing of charges, the case is reduced to a misdemeanor, and the client is granted judicial diversion by the trial court. The case is dismissed and sealed.  LAX Courthouse

  • DUI death VC Section 192(a) case results in felony settlement, no prison time, and the client will be eligible to reduce the matter to a misdemeanor after serving probation. Central California.

  • Indecent exposure charges PC Section 314(a) are dismissed after the firm obtains Mental Health Diversion for a medical professional. Orange County Superior Court.

  • A juvenile is arrested for Attempted Murder PC 664/187. The strike offense is dropped. The case was resolved for a lesser assault charge, and the client received 90 days of placement in a group home and then released home to their parents. Sylmar Juvenile Court.

  • Two separate domestic violence felony arrests, PC 273.5(a), were dropped for a hedge fund manager following the firm's intervention and presentation of defense evidence to the detective and prosecutor. LAX Court.

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