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Raj B., Yelp Recommends Dmitry Gorin

Dmitry Gorin is not just "one of the best lawyers in LA", but THE BEST lawyer in LA! I have young adult kids who, let's face it, can make bad choices at times or just be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Does that mean they should be punished with a criminal record and a tainted future for the rest of their lives?

If your answer is no, then this is the firm to turn to for yourself or any of your loved ones. Our case was very complicated with my daughter's future at stake. She was a straight A student who was looking at a harsh sentence. Dmitry's  knowledge of the courts and judges is very extensive, ranging from cases like mine all the way to major cases that have received press coverage.

As soon as you enter the courtroom with him, you notice the high level of respect that the judge holds for him. Dmitry was able to get all charges dropped for my daughter. He was able to prove without even going to trial how it was a  set up by a vindictive person along with the lies in the police reports. 

This man is an absolute genius but furthermore he is very compassionate and actually cares about his clients. Don't let his reputation scare you into thinking he might be more costly. His prices are very reasonable. I highly recommend Dmitry Gorin and his firm to anyone in need of a great Criminal Defense Attorney. 

– Raj B., Yelp

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