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Chow Y., Yelp Recommends Dmitry Gorin

When you've been falsely accused of a crime, it is an extremely unpleasant experience. When that might no only put you in jail, but could certainly turn you into a permanent victim of abuse at the hands of hardened criminals. Well, it's hard to sleep at night. I lost a ton of weight and could barely function for a few weeks. 

I had a situation develop with an unstable and seemingly vindictive individual who falsely accused me of a crime. I contacted a few attorney's before coming across Dmitry and his team. You will discover quickly that in our criminal justice system, not much evidence is needed for someone to file a complaint against you.

Evidence even to the contrary doesn't play a large role in halting an investigation. Please understand, many criminal attorneys will make a large cash grab, 10K or more, before they will help you. They over promise and under deliver. Dmitry and Alan didn't go that route. They were polite, engaging, calming and realistic. Price was fair. And they moved very fast.

And let's be honest, the prosecutors and more importantly, the LAPD know these guys are serious and tough. So if you're innocent, who better to have on your team. And if you're guilty, well...I would still want them. They were successful in my case with an intervention before any charges were filed. The Prosecutor never even heard my name. I'm still a little freaked out by the experience and can sympathize with all those put in jail under false pretenses. It's a scary world out there. So thank god for Dmitry and Alan.

– Chow Y., Yelp

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