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Sarah, Avvo Recommends Dmitry Gorin

Exceptional criminal defense attorney. Simply put, the world would be a much better place, if more professionals approached their work with the intensity, thoroughness, and respect that Meryl does. I used to think that anyone who needed a defense attorney must have been guilty of something, until that “anyone” was me.

My entire life turned upside-down when I learned that I was the subject of an investigation. I have never been through anything as convoluted, unfair, or downright scary. I selected Eisner-Gorin because of their outstanding credentials. Top-tier attorneys have a lot of clients and cases that they juggle. But from the very beginning, I never felt like I was just another case.

That is true of my experience with the entire firm, but most especially with Meryl. She always took the time to make sure I was alright. She seemed to know that every day I was going to have new questions, and she never failed to make me feel like each of them was important to her.

In each conversation with her, I felt more confident that she understood exactly how to approach my case, and that she had a plan to ensure success. I'm very thankful to have been represented by Eisner-Gorin, and even more thankful to have worked with Meryl. She made a very positive difference in my life.

– Sarah, Avvo

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