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Hung, Avvo Recommends Dmitry Gorin

My case was dismissed! I was involved in a MINOR accident on the freeway with another vehicle. It all started when an SUV cut me off while I was in the carpool lane and hit my right front bumper. I was completely unaware that we've been hit until we got home and found a dent in the right bumper.

The owner of the SUV did pull over and reported the accident with our vehicles license plate. Unfortunately, I did leave the scene, but I did not know we were hit. The CHP officer  took my statement over the phone. Both insurance carriers and the CHP officer ruled the suv was 100% at fault.

I have a clean driving record, so leaving the scene of an accident was not intentional. Yet, the officer insisted to charge me with a hit and run offense. Frustrated with the whole ordeal, I showed in court and was advised by the DA to plead guilty and serve 16 hours of community service and was told the judge may or may not clear my record for leaving the scene of an accident. I was introduced to Dmitry Gorin by a relative.

During my first meeting with Mr. Gorin and his associate, Meryl Chambers, I explained the situation. On the 2nd meeting, I met with Mr. Gorin and Robert Hill. They explained certain steps to dismiss the case and within weeks, they took care of all the court appearances, paperwork, and got my case DISMISSED! If we ever get into any legal issues again, regardless how minor, we will definitely contact EISNER GORIN. Thank you for clearing my case and keeping my record clean!

– Hung, Avvo

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