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Robert, Yelp Recommends Dmitry Gorin

I went through a very difficult time in my life and was terrified I would to lose everything. I found the Los Angeles criminal defense law firm of Eisner Gorin LLP, gave them a phone call and immediately felt at ease.

I did call a few other law firms, but they treated me like a fool. The entire legal team at Eisner Gorin was professional and encouraging. They never said I made a mistake. After my first phone call, I knew I was talking to guys who could help me. I felt I could trust them. They were absolutely amazing and helped my case.

I felt protected and that somebody was on my side. That is what I really needed. Someone who believed in me and knowing they were there for me though the entire process. I can't recommend these guys enough. Incredible work.

– Robert, Yelp

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