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Valerie, Avvo Recommends Dmitry Gorin

A true Lifesaver. I cannot say enough good things about Meryl Chambers and her firm. From Narine, the office manager, to Dmitry Gorin, a managing partner, I was treated with utmost respect and the issues of my son's arrest were addressed as if we were their only client.

I received their undivided attention during my (free) consultation, which took some considerable time, and I felt so confident with Meryl and their team that I hired her that day. Meryl was always available to answer my questions and concerns and was on top of my son's case as if he was her most important client.

I never felt uninformed or unimportant thru the entire process. My son was very fortunate that his case did not go beyond arraignment, but if he had gone to trial I'm confident that Meryl and her team would have gotten him the best results possible. It's very scary having a loved one charged with a felony, but if you should find yourself needing a criminal attorney you cannot find better representation than Meryl Chambers.

– Valerie, Avvo

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